The Daily Smallville 03:09 Asylum


03:09: ASYLUM


  • I can’t make out what the Belle Reve logo is supposed to be. Unless the B is backwards?
  • Yellow. Red. Blue. And Lex is painting using his color: purple. 
  • All the baddies are here: Van the meteor freak killer. Eric the Super Boy. And Ian, duplicate boy. 
  • What is Lex drawing? Looks like a planet – or maybe Warrior Angel?
  • He still knows Clark’s secret
  • Lex on the run and then gets zapped. 
  • This felt like one of the longer prologues. 

Act One

  • writer Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer / director Greg Beeman – he gets to direct important episodes.
  • Clark just about ready to let Lex in on everything. 
  • Pa: “If you get involved it could just get worse.” vs Ma: “you gotta take care of your own heart too”
  • Adam!!! Here we goooooo! More on this later. Actor Ian Somerhalder joins for a little while.
  • Look at Lionel with tears in his eyes. 
  • Chew that scenery Michael 

Act Two

  • Superman Revenge Squad!
  • Claire could’ve been Amanda Waller 
  • Look at Chloe not being all jealous this season
  • Ooop. Bye bye Van. How did Ian get this new second body?

Act Three

  • is that Watkins patient a former KMOTW?
  • Ian visits Lex. I don’t remember an extortion scheme in that episode. 
  • Newspaper: Themyscirian Queen addresses the Vatican. A show about Superman. A nod to Wonder Woman. Is the other Trinity member in this ep too? heh. 
  • Adam: “I guess I’m a little afraid of my future too”
  • Look at Pete all overprotective and maybe a lil jealous. Saying he always has Clark’s back. Has to say meteor rock and not Kryptonite. That’s true
  • Claire Foster dead. Someone really wants to fry Lex’s brain
  • Clark just using his powers openly around Lex. And Lex learns about what the meteor rock can do when Ian attacks 
  • Lex is obviously going to lose his memory of all this – do they do the shock treatment?

Act Four

  • where are the guards? Oh there they are
  • Ma and Lana. 
  • Both Lex and Clark getting zapped. 
  • Eric is almost like a Parasite
  • Eric’s been in Belle Reve for two years since Season 1
  • Clark restoring his powers causes Lex to get shocked! Damn. That’s going to go unanswered but that’s a deep development should Clark ever learn about what happened. 
  • Lex gets zapped twice. Gruesome. 
  • Of the three Revenge Squad, I imagine Eric and Ian are still loose ends since Van was killed. Possible that Ian is dead too. 

Act Five

  • the Midwich Cuckoos. That’s a creepy book for Adam to be reading.
  • Adam wearing a shirt with the number 27 – get it?
  • Both actors are 6ft and 6’3 and yet Tom looks way taller than Michael.
  • Lex doesn’t remember; awkward hug
  • Clark: “Someone’s gonna make Lionel pay for his crime”
  • Pa: “There are people out there more powerful than you are.”
  • Clark wants to forget the last few months as well. That’s dark. 
  • Lionel realizing he has lost whatever Lex knew about Clark. Although after everything we’ve seen Lionel has to know more than anyone. 
  • No reunion for Clark and Lana 
  • A good followup to last episode. And shows where several of Clark’s “loose ends” wind up. The Clark/Lana story gets another bump in the road. Lex finally does something this season – and starts a new journey from here. And things between Clark and Lionel – as well as Chloe – take a major step.


Next episode: Whisper!


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