The Daily Smallville 03:08 Shattered




  • Morgan Edge alive. Change of actors means change of face. Makes sense. / Patrick Bergin
  • Lex digging into the grandparents mystery. And just says outright Lionel was responsible. 
  • What’s wrong with Lex’s neck?
  • Spider-Man killer
  • Damn Darius
  • Lex jumping out the window. Nice shot. 

Act One

  • written and directed by Kenneth Biller. That’s a first I think. Wonder why? Directed Lineage and Insurgence in s2 which both dealt heavily with the Luthors.
  • Clark learns Edge is still alive. Which means he still knows Clark’s truth. 
  • Look at Clark being all sneaky
  • And now Chloe is roped in. 
  • Lionel pretending he doesn’t know Chloe. Of course she has to go with it or Clark will learn what they are up to
  • Lex has snapped. Brings up Julian again. Or – is he faking it?

Act Two

  • Pa isn’t happy with all that Clark catches him up on. 
  • If Lex heard everything didn’t he hear about Clark’s secret?
  • Lex to Clark: “You’re either with me or against me. Choose right now.” Sounds like the way Lex operates. 
  • Is that what they neck thing is? Did Dr. Foster do something to him?
  • Wait Darius is alive? This has to be a setup by Lionel
  • Welling is pretty good here. Worried about Lex with a gun – because if Clark acts to stop Lex it’ll reveal all his secrets in front of Lex. Nice touch. 

Act Three

  • Clark brings in Lana. I was just going to wonder why Chloe wasn’t used here but Clark said she’s being watched. 
  • Lex has a history of “bizarro” behavior. 
  • Chloe being rational here. 
  • Geez!!! Lana gets attacked by a horse. Broken leg. This is crazy! Clark said earlier he didn’t want to involve her to keep her safe. And now this. Do we really need to be reminded every other episode that Clark holding onto secrets sometimes gets people hurt? I understand bringing the point home but it always has to be at Lana’s expense?

Act Four

  • great scene with Clark and Lionel. Lionel shuts Clark down like a pro. 
  • “Don’t underestimate farm boys.” Clark putting the hurt on Darius. Using those powers to show he’s not messing around. 
  • Yup. It’s the scotch. 
  • Haha. Oprah reference. 
  • Lionel deserved that. 
  • Clark is not playing around with these goons. Love it.
  • Oh yea. Edge has a Kryptonite rosary. He’s not dumb. 
  • “Hi Kal”
  • Ooop. Edge is dead now. 

Act Five

  • Oh okay. Now Edge Is dead. Maybe?
  • Clark vs car
  • Oh damn Lex saw that! “You’re not even human” 
  • Haha. That close up on Clark is cheesy. 
  • “I almost died Clark”. Lana was brought in to just hurt her. This could’ve been Pete. But they needed to put more wedges between Clark and Lana. All this so she stays away from him. They had to go this far? Couldn’t just add up everything that’s been done so far?
  • Belle Reve!
  • Lex’s short term memory will be lost. There goes Clark’s secret. 
  • Nice act Lionel
  • Whoa! Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt! Years before Logan. They all are ripping off Smallville aren’t they?
  • Good episode. Wild. Some high emotion acting and situations. Rosenbaum keeps it from going too far overboard. Good call backs. Maybe best of the season so far? 
  • This is the winter break episode as well. 


Next episode: Asylum!


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