The Daily Smallville 03:10 Whisper


03:10: WHISPER


  • Lana is walking pretty well for the level of her injury
  • Kryptonite jewelry 
  • KMOTW: Tyroc! Or Marvel’s Banshee
  • Heat vision meets Kryptonite equals blind Clark
  • This set up to get Clark a new power is similar to the set up in season one’s XRay involving a robbery, a new power, a KMOTW that the new power connects to (one way or another) 

Act One

  • writer Ken Horton / director Thomas J. Wright
  • Pa is broken up about Clark’s powers hurting himself this time
  • Helen Bryce’s actions are referenced when it comes to thinking Clark may need a doctor
  • Pete third wheeling during an awkward Lana and Clark encounter. Gotta side with Lana on this one. 
  • And here comes super hearing! 
  • Clark overhears Chloe talking to Lionel. This won’t end well. 
  • The Kents just up and leave Lex with Clark. That’s odd. 
  • Clark is spilling some tea here about Lionel. That’s kinda sloppy – of course Lex is going to wonder how Clark got this knowledge and it’ll make its way back to Chloe
  • Both Clark and Lex on a similar path of their new health status. 

Act Two

  • “You both think you’re Supermen”. Martha laying down some truth here. Almost like she’s reminding them that she’s part of their lives too. 
  • Yea see Lana? It was Lex not Clark that got your leg busted
  • Oooop. Clark confronts Chloe. 
  • Haha. Cheesy dialogue. 
  • Ugh. See how Chloe is? She got caught. She’s busted. And then turns it around that Clark should understand HER actions? She’s a piece of work. 
  • Petenapped
  • That throat thing is gross

Act Three

  • Abby Ross. Jennifer Sisko!
  • Come on Clark. Figure it out. 
  • Teaching a Superman how to hear. Man of Steel has a similar scene. 
  • Lex just put Lionel onto Chloe’s path. That’s gonna be bad. 
  • Getting kinda bored of the back and forth between Clark and Lana. Now she’s saying she overreacted in wanting to stay away from Clark. And Clark doesn’t want to be alone and tries to hold her hand. It’s so clumsy
  • Ha. Clark jumps on the pickup truck with no one looking at him??
  • See that Lana? You’re not the only one that gets roughed up. 

Act Four

  • This Clark Kent needs functioning glasses. Ha. 
  • Smallville and Metropolis are three hours apart
  • What is Lionel up to experiment wise? His phone conversation is suspect.
  • No more Daily Planet column for Chloe. What about Lionel’s threat to her dad’s job?
  • Chloe just gulped. Lol
  • End of the Chloe/Lionel agreement??
  • Dead KMOTW
  • Clark has to use superhearing since his X-Ray vision doesn’t work this episode 

Act Five

  • Pete with the ladies. 
  • Ah there it is. Chloe’s dad fired. But she says to ask Lex. WTF? She knows this is because of Lionel. And since Clark knows about her working with Lionel, how is she not putting this at Lionel’s feet?
  • This doesn’t make sense. Even Lex is reacting to the wrong person. So weird. Writers are trying to somehow make this Clark’s fault for not revealing his source, but it comes across as sloppy if it doesn’t point back to Lionel. 
  • Lana tells Clark she met someone. As she said she might do a few eps back. 
  • At this point these two should just ignore each other. Such drama 
  • Oh look. Creepy spying Clark is back. Listening to her cry like he used to watch her with his telescope. 
  • Compared to X-Ray, this one had less to do with the KMOTW and more to do with the situation created around Nathan. So it’s not as much fun – maybe superheating isn’t as interesting a power to see done visually on the screen. But an okay episode. Puts an end (?) to Chloe/Lionel, gives Clark a new power to play with, things with Lana are still bumping along. And hey – they did something with Pete for a change. / Fairly certain the wording around Clark’s blindness, or the comparison to Lex’s ordeal, is described in outdated terminology and attitudes. 


Next week: episodes 11-16!


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