The Daily Smallville 02:20 Witness




  • Okay. So last episode the Trinity was fine. And this episode it’s nuclear again
  • Little green men with crossbows, super strength and steel plates in their heads?
  • They flipped that van Dark Knight Nolan style. 
  • Was that a Smallville class ring?

Act One

  • Writer Mark Verheiden – has penned very favorable eps this season including Heat, Dichotic and Suspect / director Rick Wallace 
  • Eric Marsh. Huffing the Kryptonite inhaler 
  • KMOTW – can’t think of a good Legion Universe character that needs drugs for their power. Unless there’s an obvious choice I’m blanking on.
  • Oh look. Lionel’s back!!
  • The truck is linked to LuthorCorps
  • It’s interesting to see how Rosenbaum plays Lex differently around Lionel – or just because he needs to be more Lex-like – contrasted to last episode where he was far more grounded with the rest of the cast. Plus last episode was a teaching moment for Lex of a sorts. Where this one he HAS to go full Lex. 

Act Two

  • Lana vs Jennifer Small
  • Same thing going on with Chloe here: last episode she was non confrontational Chloe. This episode they need her all in on the emotionality. 
  • The aliens stole Kryptonite from the truck. Lionel moving his stash 
  • Clark gets bloodied AND thrown into the fire Mrs. Lovett style!
  • Whoa! Clark goes all butt naked Terminator! With burns on the face – Altho they heal. 
  • I actually was concerned about this predicament since there was Kryptonite present. Thought the fire would mess him up more. 
  • Smallville going risqué here. Was that really Welling?

Act Three

  • “refined Kryptonite”. And a call back to Insurgence. 
  • Ha! Pa and Clark drum up a plan
  • Jennifer Small stepping out on Henry! Because of Lana. That’s cheap
  • Chloe and Lionel scene. Is this a first?
  • Come on Lana. How can you not know the split between Clark and Chloe is because of you?!
  • Torch torched! That’s a structural beam all bent. Yikes
  • Whoa suddenly this episode went dark! Eric and Clark an even match. Clark a little worried. And The Kents strung up in the barn! Geez! That was unsettling!

Act Four

  • Pa: “you make sure you give yourself a fighting chance”. Good advice. Pa knowing a fight is coming.
  • Another feud between Lex and Lionel causing trouble for the Kents. 
  • Level 3 experiments. That’s back to Jitters. Did Lionel create these dude bros?
  • Ha! Clark with the Kirk Chop on Lex. 
  • Come on Clark. Step up!

Act Five  

  • Clark smash!
  • Wait. They just bury the bars in the woods? Barely a few feet of dirt?
  • Whenever Tom Welling has to play deception his voice lifts. Not the first time I’ve noticed that. 
  • And now Lana has lost Henry. 
  • Ha – the cows totally turn to check out the camera 
  • Yes! Lionel sees the Wall of Weird! His journey through all this is just as compelling as Clark’s. Goes to show how smart he is considering Chloe stares at this wall every day and still hasn’t figured out Clark’s secret. 
  • Lionel totally takes a dig at the Daily Planet
  • Lionel wants to rebuild the Torch. Even dangles the Planet. He’s totally getting Chloe on his side to use her for info on Clark. The look on her face at the end mixed with her blowup with Clark earlier no doubt is going to come back to bite her.
  • Fun ending. Enjoyed this episode. It was nice to have the antagonist also wrapped up into the Luthors and the refining of Clark’s abilities. 


Next episode: Accelerate!


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