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  • Clark flying. Again!! That’s at least twice this season. And once in season 1. Between this dream? Vision? Whatever – and the hints or questions about whether Clark can fly or not, I feel like it’s a matter of when now. Almost like it’s his “final power”. Sure, they may have said originally they didn’t want him to fly – and story telling wise it’s too easy of an answer to problems – but at some point this changed to “save it for special moments only”
  • Lex almost re-enacting Clark and Lex’s bridge accident cute-meet. 
  • Must have been a dream. Clark’s in pjs when he wakes up

Act One

  • Gough & Millar writers / James Marshall director. Also directed Heat and Insurgence. Has had great episodes this season.
  • awwww. They spoil the special appearance in the credits. That’s dumb. 
  • Clark hinting to Pa that he’s flying again. Love that the Kents see this as something incomprehensible. As if it makes Clark a god. 
  • Clark: “Answers I’ve been looking for. Why are you afraid for me to find out.” This is like a throw back to early season one questions. 
  • Someone is trying to take over oversight of the caves. Lex thinks it’s Lionel. Could it be the special guest star?
  • Family tree school assignment. Oh I see. When Chloe has to unravel her own family she’s against the idea. But when she had Clark as an assignment she was all about it. Ugh.
  • Clark hears something. Almost like the noise in Superman The Movie when Luthor gets Superman’s attention right before they meet. 
  • The disc. Calls out. No longer in the ship from the last episode. 
  • Uh oh! Clark at the caves with the disc! S and M symbols. SuperMan. 
  • Yellow blue red. Primary colors! Superman’s suit. Comics coloring. 
  • This reminds me of the glyphs in the CW Crisis that free the Anti-Monitor
  • Disc opens to a second shape. The S shield diamond. 
  • Clark gets zapped. Primary colors entering him. Kryptonian knowledge entering him?
  • And again Lex finds him passed out. This wasn’t smart of Clark
  • Oooops. Lana snooping and finds pics of Chloe and Clark. And Chloe tells her about Clark’s “Lana” mumble. Oh NOW Chloe is concerned about privacy? 
  • Pa sensing Clark may be uneasy because of Martha’s pregnancy. 
  • Another disc sound. But where is it now? Causes Clark’s heat vision to go off. 
  • No super breath yet??
  • Oh no. Chloe’s at the barn
  • Kryptonian Signs! 

Act Two

  • it means hope. Yup. Clark got language when he was zapped. It’s all jumbled in his brain. 
  • Damn. This could be a season finale. Clearly a sweeps week episode!
  • Kents find out what Clark did. Pa especially isn’t happy. 
  • Clark: “Some things are worth the risk. Like the truth.”
  • Damn. Clark brings up how much Chloe has snooped to Lana. Just like I’ve been saying!
  • Oh come on. Clark doodles, tosses the paper, misses the trash can and Lex just happens to get them. 
  • Clark’s symbols over Father and Mother are P L W E. Which doesn’t make sense unless I’m reading it incorrectly.
  • Lex: “He may be the Rosetta Stone we’ve been looking for.” Title! 

Act Three

  • The Kryptonian word on the disc is “Barcode.”
  • See? Why is this okay for Chloe to write up the symbol on the barn story but be pissed about others in her life?
  • V. Swann. I have something for you. 
  • Pete helps Clark contact Swann. This story is really opening up in scope for only episode 17 of the season. 
  • I’m a friend. 
  • Oh come on. How did Clark not see that the disc lodged into the far wall. 
  • Whoa. Different symbol. Was that a Z?? Looked antagonistic.

Act Four

  • Oh he’s blind blind. 
  • Come on Lex. You know Clark’s up to something. 
  • Swann is in NY. 
  • AH there’s a young Christopher Reeve on the magazine cover 
  • Virgin Swan is a Man of Tomorrow 
  • Chloe too. She should be all over Clark’s involvement as well just like Lex. But now she chooses not to snoop. Odd. 
  • Pa: “When it comes to protecting you and your secret, all I’ve ever seen are people who want to exploit you for their own personal gain.” There it is. A cautious Pa Kent that is fearful of the outside world. But only Man of Steel right??
  • I’m really curious what the final six eps are about after this episode. 
  • Martha’s fear playing out a bit, that Clark would think of them less. But he reassures them.
  • Superman music just came in. 
  • New York!
  • There he is! The passing of the torch!
  • Movie music! Krypton 
  • Kal-El. Krypton. Complete turning point. 
  • “You’ll never know the second part of the message.”
  • That music. 
  • Wow. They really made a decision here. Not even the end of the season and they decide to give more information on Clark’s origins. At least in this binge watch it feels like the right time. Not too late. Maybe a little early? Could they have stretched it out further? Once this bit of knowledge is revealed, what is the next step?

Act Five  

  • Krypton is gone. He may just be the only one left. Last Son. 
  • “You must write your own destiny Kal-El”
  • Some answers. Probably even more questions. 
  • “I’m totally alone.” Okay. That just about broke me. 
  • The message in the ship. Giving Clark doubts about his planet and his purpose. To conquer?
  • “It’s you who decides what kind of a life you’re going to lead…” / “Clark Kent, you’re here to be a force for good…” Okay. There’s Pa Kent. 
  • Powerful hug
  • Ah see. Both of them with doubts at the end. 
  • Holy shit this episode. Best one of the series so far. How is this not the season finale?!?!?


Next week: episodes 18-23!


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