The Daily Smallville 02:06 Redux


02:06 REDUX


  • Swim class. Thinking about it, it could be the one sport Clark could play without too many variables surrounding his powers.
  • Swim coach actor is Fulvio Cecere. Another BSG connection – played Lt. Thorne of the Pegasus
  • Troy Turner – makes a return from being a bully in season 1 Shimmer.
  • Clark speed saves Troy as an old man?!? What? That was an eerie surprise

Act One

  • Writer Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner / director Chris Long – directed s1 Hourglass and Hug which were decent enough episodes.
  • Money troubles. And Ma wants to talk to her dad. Clark has never met him.
  • Spirit Week. Apparently this episode was the first to be filmed for season 2.
  • Lana learning about family secrets from photos / and Lex makes it even more awkward
  • Lex’s license plate is Lex IV?
  • Uh oh. New principal, Mr. Reynolds! Played by Richard Gant. Played a judge on the Lois & Clark show. He was headmaster at Excelsior prep when Lex was there at 14
  • Ohhh Christine Parker is basically Parasite
  • Oh damn Troy died. More student deaths at Sunnydale I mean Smallville High
  • Chloe doesn’t think Mr Reynolds is hiding a dark past. Which is exactly why he should be prime suspect
  • Coast City mention!
  • Oh look! The Talon theatre inside. We may have seen this in season one? Apparently the Talon is a community theater space.
  • Another Nell appearance!

Act Two

  • Martha’s dad, William Clark. Actor George Coe of course! Lots of geek related TV/Movie credits, as well as voiceover work, including recurring roles on oddities like Max Headroom.
  • Clark and granddad meet. He’s definitely not warm.
  • Pa Kent isn’t happy. Turns out he hit Martha’s dad after asking for her hand in marriage / Jonathan certainly can hold a grudge. He’s not as forgiving as he tries to get Clark to be in seeing the best in people. Between this and the Luthors, not the best side of Pa.
  • Lana gets help from Lex about the pictures.

Act Three

  • Chad the Medical Examiner goth guy gets a mention again
  • Pituitary gland was attacked in the victims
  • New principal asks Clark: “Where you going to be five years from now?” In season 7
  • Lex certainly shows up at the Talon often

Act Four

  • Clark tries to mediate between Pa and his Granddad / Pa is all in on his 20 year old grudge. Pride. Yup.
  • Again Chloe doubts Clark’s instinct and curiosity about Chrissy’s involvement. Come on. It’s always the obvious choice.
  • Lionel was responsible for having Reynolds fired during Lex’s time there.
  • I like this episode. It’s slow, not much action. But it’s a good family building episode for the Kents and Lana. Even Smallville High.
  • Clark visits his Granddad to no avail
  • Chloe links Chrissy to 1921. See? Stop doubting Clark!
  • Clark speeds away right next to Chloe. Come on!

Act Five

  • Chrissy attacks Reynolds. Yikes. That wasn’t a good stunt shot.
  • She just ages all the way to dust? Yikes. Not a good effect. With no explanation of how she got her powers. Not a KMOTW. Just a freak that found her way to Smallville
  • The Kents kept her dad away because of Clark’s powers at the time. That’s not gonna cause any issues in Clark. Geez.
  • Journalism is growing on Clark. “Tired of having secrets” in his life. And he’s going to try and have a relationship with his Granddad
  • Lana’s parents were separated. And now she isn’t sure who her father is.
  • “I know you’re out there, somewhere out there!” Song lyric. Teen Drama!
  • This ending doesn’t land as much as the show probably was hoping. But still. Quieter episode. A little above average.
  • Redux as a title – bringing back Chrissy’s youth, bringing back old grudges with Pa and Granddad, etc.


Next episode: Lineage!


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