The Daily Smallville 02:05 Nocturne




  • is this Smallville meets Twilight?
  • I don’t remember this episode at all
  • Byron in the cellar
  • Richard Moll!

Act One

  • Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders writers. Not a strong start for this pair considering they took over the show for later seasons. Rick Wallace director.
  • “Clark Kent. The man of steel.” Okay some of these are starting to get too way on the nose. Is this Loeb’s doing? Are we going to get one direct Superman reference per ep now?
  • Did Lex just try to hit on 16-17 year old Lana?!
  • Feels like some spillover tension between Clark & Lana from last ep even if it’s not directly stated

Act Two

  • Lionel and Martha scene. Ew. Not cool.
  • What’s Byron’s secret? How does he know Lana?
  • Clark stalking the stalker

Act Three

  • they didn’t go to the hospital?
  • This ep is weird. Must be some romance angle to try and hit a certain demographic. But yikes.
  • This is like some kind of American gothic thing.
  • Lionel offered Ma a job. I remember this, just thought it happened in a later season
  • Sheriff Ethan is like the unofficial main cast member
  • “He drowned eight years ago in crater lake”
  • Emil Jenkins. Metron Pharmaceuticals
  • Lex not happy about Martha’s hiring
  • Yea. This episode is entirely skippable at this point.
  • This guy is like the reverse Hulk. Or a reverse werewolf? KMOTW: Timber Wolf?
  • Clark is also empowered by the sun

Act Four

  • Wow. The dialogue is terrible.
  • Lana assaulted and knocked down again
  • Byron’s attack on Lionel’s helicopter looks like a real stunt initially

Act Five

  • Clark is again doing his Super thing with Lionel – and Ma – around. She calls out Clark’s name. So if Lionel is truly blind he would still hear Ma calling out Clark’s name. Adding to Lionel’s search for answers.
  • Byron doesn’t remember anything of course. Do we ever see him again? Because they are trying to make a thing out of his relationship with Lana. But why?
  • Yup. Lionel calls Clark extraordinary to Lex. This is Lionel’s way to get into the lives of the Kents.
  • A Clark and Lana scene. Once more talking in hints rather than just saying something. I’m falling asleep by this point.
  • Did we ever find out how Byron knows Lana? What happened to the parents? Bleh. Trash this episode in your rewatch.


Next week: episodes 6-11!


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