Podcast Appearance! DC All Stars ep 61

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Superman 23-28 notes:

Superman 23

  • Three weeks ago: Veronica Bissette / Adam Strange working with DEO / Leviathan attack / and the item she brought in gets affected as does she?
  • that shot of Dr. Fate by Maguire is a little odd
  • Blue and Gold in the background
  • Detective Chimp: “the man who HAD everything” ha. Nice play on Alan Moore’s story title
  • which Fate is this? Khalid Nassour? // Yup it is
  • Xanadoth. The spirit of the Lords of Chaos. Now bonded to Veronica
  • Superman checking in with Fate to make sure all of his life choices of late are truly his own / more comments about Superman not eating, like in Action 1022. / Also he needs to sleep every couple of years or he gets cranky. Yikes – that’s crazy.
  • Madame Xanadu. Du vs Doth
  • Fate is acting like a therapist or Psychologist
  • Did Superman just correct Fate’s grammar?
  • Xanadoth the Returned / the Lord of the Lords of Chaos / “the true owner of that Helmet of Fate”

Superman 24

  • last year, DEO and Dr Bones were tasked to look into magic as part of his responsibilities. And gives that assignment to Veronica. / Bones is showing his dislike for anything “Super____”.
  • Credit box has the old “DC Comics Presents” logo with Superman and Dr. Fate like a team up
  • wait – Xanadoth is a she??
  • Xanadoth is Chaos unto Chaos – why do Bendis and Snyder get to layer this kind of stuff on top of pre-established DCU lore unlike other writers?
  • what is the Spike? The artists aren’t helping us out here.
  • is this going to tie into the Dr. Fate that’s in the Legion?
  • Xanadoth: “as I navigate this polluted new reality I have been rebirthed into” – ha.
  • Superman and Dr. Fate merged – almost like Dr. StrangeFate from Amalgam.
  • this story isn’t as grand as Rogol Zaar. Even if that story wasn’t universally loved. But it’s still carrying over the Truth aspect – Superman’s truth in this instance. Of what he’s feeling about all of the events plus having revealed his identity.

Superman 25

  • omg Synmar??? I thought Xanadoth was the last big bad. Oh geez. Why are they all monsters?
  • the Synmar talking about Krypton exploding in real time – more reactions from a galactic POV
  • if they are seeing it in real time, is that Wonder Woman alive and active before Superman comes to Earth?
  • they foresee that eventually Superman will become the leader of that planet. Which is exactly what happens with the formation of the UP.
  • Smallville. Lana is dating a “Brad” just like the original movie
  • Lana’s arrival at the Daily Star
  • the Synmar are making a champion.. and waiting for Superman to pose a threat
  • lots of Fleischer cartoon homages
  • Lois is on assignment – in Event Leviathan Checkmate – which hasn’t been released yet at all
  • the Synmar Utopica? / and something odd about his creation
  • Superman and Superwoman – what’s that weird look on Clark’s face during the rescue in Puerto Rico?
  • Lana is interviewing Clark / probably realizing just how much he loved her in Smallville / she no longer has her powers
  • “What’s the Superman?” – what an odd ending. Since they all look similar it’s hard to tell how this story progresses from Krypton’s explosion to the creation of a weapon
  • Surprised no mention of Xanadoth.
  • An odd issue for an anniversary

Superman 26

  • Superman feels his conversation with Dr. Fate led him to think that he’s stressed / but Lois helps center him. Always has.
  • Synmar is coming – Superman is warned by Kelex at the Fortress.
  • a scene at the Daily Planet with Clark and Steve Lombard. Fall out of his identity reveal / funny line about finding all those ties in the supply room. Ha.
  • Apparently, the JL put tech around the Daily Planet for security.
  • Synmar attacks (surprised Superman doesn’t relate this to Rogol’s attack) and the security measure is kicked in: it sends people to the Phantom Zone
  • the art is fantastic. The story not so much. The smaller plots are fun – the Daily Planet, the discussions, etc. But the Synmar stuff is not interesting.
  • odd abrupt cliffhanger.

Superman 27

  • Superman “Why has this creature traveled … to attack me?” / because of the title: Mythological. There was a story created around Superman in this alien species’ culture. And like Pa said, sometimes people are evil. Except this time Synmar thinks it’s Superman that’s evil.
  • Again – beautiful artwork. Some flourishes that remind me of JLGLopez style superman faces when he uses his X-ray vision
  • “I have never felt an attack like his – never” – again? Really? Even Superman mentions that he has said that a lot lately. But come on.
  • they are in the Phantom Zone. And here comes: Xa-Du the Phantom King – the first Kryptonian ever banished here. From the Morrison Action Comics run
  • Lana visits Lois – with questions about Clark. And Lois gives her her book to read because it will answer her questions. Is this the multiverse book?
  • Superman “I want truth. I hit things to stop them but no truth comes out of it” – there’s that word again
  • Superman manages to try and get Synmar to show him where he’s from / an orange Sun! Uh oh!
  • Superman: “the greatest Kryptonian minds believed yellow sunlight brought us to our absolute maximum potential.” – huh, so they all knew ahead of time, not just Jor-El? That kinda takes the fun out of Superman’s powers.

Superman 28

  • so there’s some kind of civil war on Synmar. And miscommunication about what to do with Superman .
  • narration of Lana Lang’s interview – the book Lois was writing is the Truth About Superman – there it is again. Truth.
  • whoa wait – the are saying Lois’ mom only had one daughter? NOOOOPE.
  • “We empower him” Lois describes humans as living batteries – not only does Clark get power from the sun, but also from everyone. Literally and figuratively? Is this the ending to Bendis’ larger story of truth? Hmmm.. I dunno.
  • and then the United Planet Brigade shows up. Thanagarian. Dominion. Gandelo’s people. A Psion? Khund. Tamaranean (Prince Zerep?). And others.
  • Utopica is the first under UP hold – whatever that means.
  • Supergirl has met Zerep before? What thing on Oa? That’s odd.
  • All of that solar energy armor looks Monitor-ish.
  • Rona Kowalski – the singer from the Man of Steel mini-series
  • And then it just… ends. All the UP stuff. Synmar. Xanadoth. The Truth. No mention of Melody Moore. Just… poofs.


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