The Daily Smallville 02:02 Heat


02:02 HEAT


  • First week of school. So it must be several months after the first episode.
  • Yup. Chloe’s back from her internship. Still pouting. And trying to make Clark jealous.
  • “LexCorps” now?
  • New hot teacher. Miss Adkins. Emmanuelle actress Krista Allen! Butt shot is ridiculous for a teacher. Haha.
  • Bahahaha. Clark hits puberty. And his new heat vision is clearly a ‘release’. Hysterical.

Act One

  • Written by Mark Verheiden. Directed by James Marshall.
  • Lex’s fiancé?!? Clark as best man? Crazy. This heat wave is making everyone nuts.
  • Notice how her dress is longer now than when shown in class.
  • Students are checking out Lex’s car. Good background stuff
  • Uh oh. KMOTW?? Hmmm a persuader. Pheromones. LSH villain Charma?
  • Pa: “This could get very complicated” great line. Fun scene.
  • Lex’s first wedding. / heck of a set and costume design here. Smallville spending money.
  • “At some point you just know when something’s right” Lex trying to point Clark to Lana again
  • This is a horny episode
  • Shut your eyes dummy!!! How did Lana not see Clark blazing up the Talon?
  • Scarecrow target to find Clark’s new on button for his heat vision.

Act Two

  • bahahaha. Popcorn punch line. This episode.
  • Desiree likes younger guys. Comes onto Clark. Is she a succubus?
  • She’s really Allison Sanders. And grew up in Smallville
  • Lex is in her sway and doesn’t trust Clark for what she did

Act Three

  • Lana and Chloe come to a decision as friends outside of Clark
  • Ma is not happy about Desiree coming onto her son.
  • Oh now the cops come after Clark for being near all the fires. Unlike all the other times he’s always around
  • Another instance where Jonathan talks Clark from doing anything rash around the cops while he’s getting arrested. A mirror to almost the same kind of moment in Season 1 ep 9 Rogue when Jonathan was arrested.

Act Four

  • Clark in jail. Only Ma hasn’t been yet.
  • Ma tries to talk some sense into Lex.
  • Pa nooooo! Seduced!!
  • Yup! She’s a KMOTW. Kissing her bf during the meteor shower.
  • Chloe: “lucky for us Clark Kent seems to be immune to some members of the opposite sex” daaaaamn. Even Lana is like ‘awkwaaaard’ haha. Funny.
  • Uh oh. Pa kisses another woman! Pa’s gonna kill Lex
  • Gotta say – Allen is convincing in her role here. She does a good job of not going too overboard.
  • Apparently Rose McGowan is in the background in this episode but I haven’t seen her.

Act Five

  • Clark stops a bullet with heat vision. That’s some major precision there. Heat vision plus super speed. They probably did it to get a cool effect. Maybe heating up the gun before shooting would’ve been more ‘believable’.
  • Damn. Lex getting some degree burns there.
  • Of course Clark is reading Fahrenheit 451.
  • Lex to Clark about Lana. “Dont wait too long”. Oooop. Yea especially because of their future.
  • Lana getting more and more inquisitive about the mystery around Clark
  • Lana to Clark about Whitney but really about Clark: “having a relationship thats built on secrets and lies is doomed to fail. Don’t you think so Clark?” So many dialogue bits with his kind of double meaning. Hopefully we move forward soon.
  • Lana has been making a video for Whitney while in the military. She’s gonna break up with him. Good song lyrics during this.

Next episode: Duplicity!


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