The Daily Smallville 01:14 Zero


01:14 ZERO


  • Lex strung up like a proper comic book intro
  • 3 years ago – Lex was 18/19? / Zero Consequences club
  • Fight in the club almost Hamlet like / Lex gets stabbed as referenced in a previous ep. But how did it really go down?
  • Surprising how the club scene – filmed back in 2001/2 – is more authentic than some I’ve seen in Arrow filmed a decade later.
  • Dead fiancé back to life
  • Yes! First time the main theme segues beautifully off the last moment of the prologue. Gunshot to first chord. Nicely timed. I rewatched this a few times.

Act One

  • Mark Verheiden teleplay / story by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar / Michael Katleman director – important episode to have the creators write the story. Maybe because of all the Lex flashback stuff? Clark origin mystery? Even Lana and Chloe developments.
  • one week earlier. Flashback trope!
  • School project – Chloe has to write about Clark. That’s trouble in the making
  • Talon is opening soon
  • Jude Royce is back looking for Lex / and of course Clark gets involved

Act Two

  • Chloe interviews the Kents / who have secrets about how they went about making up Clark’s adoption process
  • Lana: growing out of and shedding that fairy princess rep from the Pilot. Her theme for the season.
  • Jude sends the bodyguard’s hand to the Talon as a warning

Act Three

  • Lana was told by Jude: “everything Lex touches ends badly”
  • Chloe still digging into Clark’s past / Clark hates peas / Pete has known him the longest. Apparently back in 1st grade Clark pushes a bully through a door.
  • Chloe tells Clark he was the only one adopted from an agency that was only open for 6 months / Metropolis United Charities / Clark doesn’t know this story and is not happy / “I’m not some mystery for you to solve” – he’s right. Chloe is being intrusive in this. She doesn’t come off well in this.
  • Oh look Sam Phelan! Cooking a cover up to the events 3 years ago
  • Clark arrives / being just as nosy as Chloe but trying to help a friend
  • Pa is evasive about how they managed to work the adoption. Even though it’s legal he says. Lionel?
  • What the heck – dead cows

Act Four

  • LuthorCorp being framed for the dead cows. / the Club Zero secrets have come to the Kents now and Clark isn’t happy about it.
  • The Kents aren’t happy. Even Ma Kent can’t defend Lex this time when it comes to Clark.
  • Lex gets Lexnapped
  • Chloe is dropping digging into Clark’s origins / Clark wonders about his biological parents every day
  • Now Chloe is showing hacker skills
  • We reach where the ep opened / Wait. Is that the plumber?

Act Five

  • Amanda had a brother in Central City. She committed suicide.
  • So who is Jude? A random double found in a greasy spoon in Bludhaven! Two larger DCU cities mentioned in one ep
  • Wow. No kryptonite involved this episode
  • So all of this was to cover that Amanda killed Jude
  • Clark saves the day without anyone seeing / Lex asks how he found him. / I mean he’s always there. I know that’s the point of the show but still.
  • Talon opens. / Clark gives Lana a picture of the Talon that belonged to his grandfather. Third mention.
  • Lots of mentions of secrets, pasts, etc in the whole ep
  • Lex: “The truth is I’d do anything to protect my friends”
  • Chloe doesn’t delete the adoption info she learned about Clark.
  • Zero title: The club. Lack of info on Clark’s past. Even countdown to the Talon opening.


Next episode: Nicodemus!


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