The Daily Smallville 01:15 Nicodemus




  • Road rage and actor rage. Dangerous combo.
  • Ha! Jonathan Schneider listening to the Dukes of Hazzard theme song.
  • That’s a heck of a skid Pa Kent does as the camera gets close.
  • KMOTW: Little Smallville of Horrors. LSH: Chlorophyll Kid?
  • they tried to get the main theme to pop off the prologue – but not as cool as last episode

Act One

  • Michael Green teleplay / Greg Walker story / James Marshall director
  • apparently James Beals stole the flower from Dr Hamilton / Lex asks if it was Clark Kent who rescued James from the car accident. Because it usually always is.
  • Pa goes off on Lex. Inhibitions dropped.
  • Pete and Clark talk about the Luthors. Lionel took the Ross’ factory 12 years ago. First time Pete discussed his dislike with Clark. Usually Pete only mentions it with Chloe / Apparently Pete is jealous of Clark’s friendship with Lex
  • Chloe taking a poll just about spells out the plant’s power: deepest desire / sex & violence / human nature
  • Lana wants to climb a windmill to see Metropolis / Chloe: “unleashing the inner Lana” – all obvious clues to what’s going on with the flower and Pa
  • Chloe just about admits to Clark that he should forget about Lana and move on to “other girls”
  • Another car stunt from Jonathan Schneider. His Dukes days coming back / ah. That explains the road rage from earlier
  • Damn – Pa buckshots Clark
  • Chloe goes on an investigative hunt at the accident site and takes Lana. Odd. / Lana gets flowered. How does she not mention the flower to Chloe?!?

Act Two

  • Lex gets involved / the Nicodemus Diary / Lex wants to find a cure
  • Lana is flowered up / says to Whitney that she’s “Locked in this relationship out of guilt”. Ouuuuch.
  • Gulp?!?!?  Bahahahahhaa. That’s a funny line from Clark. Nice delivery on it.
  • Lana goes after Clark. / “you’re not made of Steel. Or are you?”
  • Their first kiss! That means the first kiss with both Chloe and Lana they don’t remember because it was against their will more or less. That’s icky.

Act Three

  • I guess people know of Hamilton even though he hides away
  • It’s Cally! From Battlestar Galactica! Nicki Clyne. And future wife of Allison Mack during her cult days. Oooop / the Vancouver genre casting pool starts to build.
  • Lana tries to sex up Lex. Yikes.
  • Daily Planet truck. “Straight from the source”
  • You can see Lana wondering how Clark got to her / “are you in love with me?” She asks
  • This windmill doesn’t look that tall that it could see Metropolis
  • Clark catches Lana

Act Four

  • Back to back eps where something Lex is involved with comes to hurt the Kents
  • Lex sees how torn up Clark is about his dad. Comparison with the relationship with his own dad no doubt.
  • Nicodemus plague of 1871
  • Pete: “Nice to know Smallville was still whack before the meteors got here” / Clark and Pete high emotions when discussing Lex
  • Lex straight up lies to Clark about Hamilton and the flower. Feels like the first real lie he tells Clark and not just words that are true but also misleading. You can see Lex feels trapped. / it’s also the first time Clark grabs Lex out of anger
  • What’s under that tarp?
  • Oh no. Now Pete is under.
  • “With all my abilities there’s nothing I can do” – sounds like first movie dialogue / he even asks what they will do if Pa dies. Interesting.
  • Touching story about how Pa and Ma met.

Act Five

  • damn. Pete almost shot Lex.
  • Haha. Clark forehead slaps Pete to knock him out. How does he know how much pressure to use? He’s not that skilled yet
  • No one remembers what they did
  • All of Hamilton’s research is gone. Nothing to connect him back to Lex. Which would be a major divide in Clark’s friendship with Lex.
  • Lex sends Hamilton to Cadmus
  • Clark and Lana on the windmill. Green screen first but then they really are on top of the windmill for the end shot.
  • Clark: “I feel free.”
  • Beautiful Day by U2 – good lyrics for the moment


Next week: Episodes 16 thru 21!


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