The Daily Smallville 01:13 Kinetic




  • Chloe interviewing Lex with Clark’s help
  • 2116 Beresford Lane – Luthor mansion address
  • KMOTW: 3 robbers. Phantom Girl powers / apparently from meteor rock infused tattoos?
  • Clark gets K poisoning. / Chloe drops from the second floor. Ouch! Clark couldn’t save her.

Act One

  • Philip Levens writer / Robert Singer director
  • Lex going hard over Chloe being hurt
  • Clark chopping wood one handed – Supergirl’s Clark references being able to do that very thing when they crossover with Smallville’s Clark in the CW Crisis
  • Clark wants to get away from Smallville and the meteors. Interesting notion for wanting to relocate later – almost out of necessity
  • Lex is buying the Talon from Nell
  • Pete: “Kent 1000 yard stare.” – when Clark uses his X-ray vision / an arm in the bank. From one of the robbers. Literally phantom limb syndrome?
  • Uncle Scrooge McDuck reference
  • The meteor tats aren’t lasting long

Act Two

  • oooo they found out that Lex is skimming money from Lionel for a secret project. With particle accelerators?
  • Clark and Whitney – talking about leaving Smallville. A small theme for the episode
  • Whitney lost his scholarship. / oh boy. Whitney’s going to get conned into the group of robbers.
  • Evangeline Lilly!! The first of a few background spots and most likely her first tv gigs.
  • Whitney gets a tat. Dummy.

Act Three

  • Clark is not happy with being unable to save Chloe. Maybe his first failure of his powers.
  • Chloe: “Clark Kent investigative reporter. Has a nice ring to it”
  • Whitney: “It’s tough seeing yourself the way others see you isn’t it Kent?” / that savior reputation that’s been building all season.
  • This is like a Legion of Super Athletic Rejects
  • Lex sees them phase thru a wall – his first encounter with the weird with his own eyes?
  • Clark tries to save the day but gets clocked with a meat hook since he’s affected by the K. Again – arriving at a time of trouble around Lex.

Act Four

  • Lex questions why Clark was there: “You can’t save the world. All you’ll end up with is a messiah complex and a lot of enemies.” Ha.
  • Chloe had Pete tap into the hospital Internet. So much for the hacker Chloe we get later
  • Ah okay – this whole thing is like a sports/enhancement drug metaphor / they are speeding up their metabolism/molecules to phase. Like the Flash or XS. And then burning out
  • Phase punch to the gut! Ouch!
  • Someone please count how many times they say bro in this ep

Act Five

  • sooo many right out in the open uses of power: vanishing from Lex’s side Batman style, speed saving Whitney. The other goon saw it as well. / cops again seeing Clark at the scene of a crime.
  • Lex has something on the goons
  • Did someone take the meteor tat ink?
  • Lana proposes the Talon as a coffee house / book store / art house. What about the Beanery?!
  • Lex calls it the start of a very interesting partnership. Lana’s smile then turns to a little concern. Uh oh.
  • Besides the powers, Kinetic could be how Whitney feels static in his situation, stuck, with no movement forward or out of Smallville


Next episode: Zero!


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