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01:12 LEECH


  • class trip for rocks / again, Clark using his powers cautiously in public. And for his own gain in a way / you’d think Clark would be against looking for meteor rocks – or the whole town for that matter – after the surge in weird
  • Lana has her necklace on again. Trying to remember if it eventually goes away or if there’s an ultimate end point to it’s existence.
  • Hey! It’s Iceman! And Lamplighter! Shawn Ashmore as Eric Summers.
  • How come all the Smallville Crows so far are jerks and all the faculty are bullies
  • Oh damn. Clark hit – and hurt – by a bolt of lightning. Probably the most harmful thing he’s experienced to this point.
  • Power transfer thru meteor rock to Iceman! / in a way, green kryptonite in the show acts almost like bizarro-red kryptonite of the comics: giving various unique abilities to humans.
  • Still waiting for one of these prologues to transition into the main theme in a much cleaner/cooler way
  • KMOTW: but different from others. Power was given to him. Not sure if there was a LSH story where Superboy’s powers transferred to another.

Act One

  • Tim Schlattmann writer / Greg Beeman director
  • Clark’s been made human. While iceman is doing a Spider-Man when his vision is corrected. This episode aired a few months before the Spider-Man movie.
  • Damn. Iceman’s father is an abuser
  • Poster in the locker room: “Excellence knows no gender”. Interesting.
  • Wonder if Clark’s nose bleeds/cramps etc could be a good way to reestablish him as normal to anyone that may think otherwise. Maybe Lex?
  • Nell is selling the flower shop – with the closed Talon theatre along with it
  • Clark asks Pa how he has the strength to keep up the farm every day. Character building wise, it’s probably good to get Clark to experience what it’s like to not be superhuman. To appreciate what he has.
  • Roger is back. With a digitized reenactment of the accident with Lex and Clark. This will obviously play into Clark’s non powered self later in the ep. / clearly shows Clark had to be hit during the accident.
  • Lex: “You’re the closest I’ve had to a real friend my whole life. You don’t have to hide anything from me” / “I just want the truth”. / good scene. And Lex actually looks hurt at the end. Makes you wonder, in this universe, had Clark told Lex the truth it might’ve been the catalyst for good in Lex. But it’s the secret – the ongoing secret and Lex’s nature – that makes them eventual enemies. Not that you can fault Clark either – he’s dealing with unknowns as well.
  • Makes a case for the portrayals of Clark/Lex that know each other for decades to be frustrating in a way. Because their animosity is just a grudge match in a way. Hurt feelings. Fallen friends. Is that better than just being arch enemies or Lex despising an alien?

Act Two

  • Eric uses his powers out in the open to stop a thief. Earning the name Super Boy. Ha. / gives us insight into how Smallville may or may not eventually treat Clark – which he also asks later in a scene
  • Clark and the Kents talk about the situation of Clark’s lost powers. Good moments for Clark showing fear or uncertainty. Little melodramatic but the theme of wanting to be normal has been ongoing since the beginning. Makes me wonder if – on the flip of this – will Clark appreciate his gifts more.
  • With Eric being called Super Boy – the word Super comes into play
  • Chloe came up with the name in her first byline for the Ledger. Since she was created as a way to play a Lois type role
  • Clark enjoys playing basketball as a normal kid

Act Three

  • Lex is about to lose LuthorCorp to Victoria and her dad. All because of Cadmus.
  • Clark can get close to Lana since the necklace doesn’t work on him now / ohhh both are fans of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Nice! One of my faves.
  • Lana about her mom: “Maybe she had a thing against aliens.” Ooops
  • Guess this is how Lana opens the Talon.
  • Lana notices a change in Clark. Being more relaxed.
  • Ohhhh damn. Eric’s parents are not happy about his change. Crazy how this is before the scene with Iceman’s parents in X2. Shawn Ashmore having to do similar scenes with two different comic book characters. See? This is why you don’t use the same genre actors.
  • Clark gets thrown by Eric who is on a rampage. So did the K turn Eric bad or the abuse by his father? Or just the writer’s way to show that Clark is a better man than most.

Act Four

  • wait. Nothing appears to be broken on Clark but the doctor is making that assessment and bandaging him up without taking an X-ray first? That’s bad writing. They shoulda brought back Toby the discreet doctor from last episode.
  • Lex: “Nothing appears to be what it seems lately”. / Lex clearly sees that Clark got hurt.
  • Eric’s parents call the cops on Eric. It really is like X2
  • Clark, powerless, wanting to stop Eric: “this is who I am. Whether I have my powers or not”. / admitting to himself his duty after others having said it to Clark in one way or another. This is definitely a pre and post Smallville after this ep. Let’s hope they keep it up.
  • The Lex / Victoria subplot wraps up super fast thankfully. Wasn’t really going anywhere.
  • Lana talking about having powers with Clark. / Clark is going to use Lana’s necklace to stop Eric
  • Clark sees the destruction Eric has caused. Probably makes him wonder if he could do something like that.

Act Five

  • powers revert back to Clark. The lead box that Lex gave him makes a return appearance. Nice.
  • Clark is at yet another crime scene. How do the cops not figure out that something is up?!
  • Clark to Pa: “Eric didn’t get my two strongest gifts. You and mom”. / at one point Clark asks if they were ever afraid of him.
  • Leech as a title: the powers. Victoria’s dad trying to steal LuthorCorp.
  • Lex is wrapping up his investigation of the accident believing Clark to be normal / apparently Victoria and Lionel also hooked up. Yikes.
  • Clark returns the necklace and gives the lead box to Lana / last scene between the two probably is meant to reflect how Lana’s parents got together. / apparently this is the last ep where Lana wears the necklace. To “move on” I suppose from her parents.
  • Clark has been wearing his standard red jacket last few eps.


Next episode: Kinetic!


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