The Daily Smallville 01:11 Hug


01:11 HUG


  • KMOTW: an influencer. Persuasion. LSH: Veilmist? I’m sure I’m missing an obvious choice.
  • First ep opening with no cast member?

Act One

  • Clark on what he wants to do when he grows up: Not be a farmer. But also “As long as it doesn’t involve putting on a suit and doing a lot of flying”. Haha
  • Writer Doris Egan. Chris Long director.
  • Chloe. Woods of Smallville causing memory loss. This is like the Jeff Lemire Superboy series that played with the weirdness of Smallville as well
  • Kyle Tippett the hermit
  • A horse accident with Lana
  • “I understand what it’s like to be hidden from the world”. Clark’s excuse for going to see Kyle himself.
  • Rickman Industries. Of course Lex knows him. / Robert wants the Kent farm

Act Two

  • Kyle about friendship: “They’ll always betray you in the end.”
  • Whitney. Ever the jerk to Clark.
  • Kyle and Bob were partners. Both share the same power. / and of course Whitney gets involved
  • Kyle to Clark about being alone: “Some people aren’t meant to have a regular life”
  • How did Clark know Whitney was attacking Kyle?
  • Third effect showing a slowmo attack on Clark with the object shattering

Act Three

  • Lana not happy with Clark about Whitney saying he wouldn’t attack anybody. Clark responds “He strung me up in a field”. Bam! Good for him. / Lana doesn’t come off well in this argument. She mistakes Clark’s caution for an attack against Whitney
  • Ahhhh Bob needs skin contact. / We get a shot of the power going to Pa’s brain like the opening of an X-Men movie
  • To Kill a Mockingbird. Lex says Clark has a lot in common. / how did it end? He asks. Hmmm is there a Superman connection there? / Lex: “it’s not about the ending it’s about the journey”
  • Everyone is now open to the idea that there’s always more to a situation. The Kents. Lex.
  • Clark barely outraces a bullet and Kyle gets shot

Act Four

  • Toby the discreet doctor to the wealthy
  • Lana and Clark – at odds. Complete 180 from the last episode.
  • Ha! Bob’s power doesn’t work on Clark. And Clark just about crushes his palm. / a KMOTW that doesn’t affect Clark. Odd.
  • To prove his power Kyle has Chloe kiss Clark. Their first kiss. And she doesn’t remember.
  • Look at Clark being the one to give advice on having gifts. Nice growth
  • Don’t shake his hand Lex!!

Act Five

  • Lex tries to kill Clark and Kyle – even sees Clark using his powers. But he won’t remember after this is over.
  • Lots of truths coming out of Lex when he’s under. About his feelings for Smallville, how he sees the dislike in the Kents eyes.
  • Lex shoots Clark. Not quite Matrix like effects. Clark clearly gets hit a bunch of times. / we even see bruises later. So he’s still building up his invulnerability.
  • Kyle knows Clark’s secret now. This is the 2nd or 3rd loose end / the two salesmen with the same powers are like flip-sides of a coin, just like Clark and Lex. Or showing Clark how to use gifts for right or wrong.
  • The Kents react when Clark says Lex is his best friend. / Lana and Clark patch up
  • Lex doesn’t remember anything. Which will just add to his curiosity about Clark for sure. /
  • Clark: “think we’ll ever end up like that?” To which Lex replies: “Trust me Clark. Our friendship is gonna be the stuff of legend.”
  • Come on. Great ending.


Next episode: Leech!


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