The Daily Smallville 01:09 Rogue


01:09 ROGUE


  • Clark’s first time in Metropolis / notice the TD Bank building which is a good clue that this is a major city in Canada
  • Clark is looking at a chest plate with a snake emblem shaped in a form of an S. All blue red and gold/yellow. Worn by Alexander the Great / design symbolizes strength and courage
  • Clark: “can’t exactly see myself going into battle with that on my chest” – oh really?
  • Lex is “Interested in people who ruled the world before they were 30”
  • Lex again trying to set up Lana and Clark / “keep your friends close and the quarterback closer.”
  • Victoria Hardwick. An old friend of Lex’s
  • Clark stops a runaway bus from hitting someone / and a crooked cop sees it all. / Clark seems surprised that he was able to stop the bus with just his body. This may be the biggest thing he’s done to date with his abilities.

Act One

  • Mark Verheiden writer / David Carson director
  • The Kents make sure to praise Clark for saving someone after being worried someone might have seen him. Making sure they are recognizing his heroic nature.
  • Ooooo Chloe is not happy when Lana comes in. She throws daggers at Clark at the way he immediately fawns over Lana. Great subtle moment that could be easily missed.
  • Principal Kawn: “Meteor rocks are harmless”. Noooope. / Chloe fired from the Torch
  • Of course Lex knows the crooked cop Sam Phelan / trying to get info on Clark
  • Blackmail!

Act Two

  • Pa: “we’re not going to let this thing change us.”
  • Phelan to Pa about Clark: “His natural instinct to get involved” – spot on observation

Act Three

  • Lana is made editor of the Torch. And Chloe is not happy. Bad enough Lana has Clark but now she’s taken the Torch
  • Victoria and Lex want to take both of their parents’ companies.
  • Phelan tells Clark that Lex is no saint. / Clark turns the tables on what Phalen wants him to do.
  • Rogue cop. Rich kids going Rogue. Even Clark going Rogue from the advice of his parents.

Act Four

  • Phelan sets up the Kents for the doublecross / Clark tries to stop the cops from taking Pa. tense moment
  • Clark punches a beam out of anger. First time we see emotionality like that?
  • Is the actor playing Phelan trying to do a Michael Keaton “let’s get nuts” impression?
  • Welling’s face expresses rage well. He’s like a puppy that can go from playful to rage with a complete change of face.
  • Lana gives Clark a pep talk. Orphan to orphan. Nice touch her helping him this time.
  • Damn Smallville police. Putting Pa in jail for an obvious murder set up
  • Clark: “I wanted to kill him. I was close”
  • Lex asks Clark what Phelan has on him / Clark to Lex: “he told me you have secrets” / little bit of doubt entering their friendship for the first time.

Act Five

  • Phelan wants Clark to swipe the breastplate
  • Faster than a speeding bullet! It’s a slightly odd effect, but Clark’s realization of just how fast he is is nice to see
  • Lex tries to get Phelan’s info on Clark. But he says go to hell and dies. Lex again has more ammo for wanting to know more about Clark.
  • Chloe gets her job back and maybe her and Lana can be friends
  • The first episode not to center around Kryptonite for once.
  • Lex has video footage from the museum of a speeding blur – although Phelan said all the cameras were disabled.


Next episode: Shimmer!


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