The Daily Smallville 01:10 Shimmer




  • Amy and Jeff. Children of someone who is on staff at Luthor mansion
  • KMOTW: Invisible Kid!
  • Interesting that Clark is again affected by the mere presence of a KMOTW. Like in Jitters.

Act One

  • writers: Michael Green & Mark Verheiden / D.J. Caruso director
  • is that the same waitress as in Hourglass?
  • Trouble between Lana and Whitney
  • Blood drive going on at the school. And Clark is understandably worried.
  • This Victoria/Lex subplot to take over companies doesn’t get much traction does it
  • Are those kryptonite roses?
  • Pa: “I can’t even believe I’m actually going to say this but, I guess you can’t always be honest with people. It’s one of the prices you pay for your abilities”
  • Clark takes tulips to Lex and it gets “knocked over” – how come Clark didn’t suffer any K radiation this time?
  • Clark: “I decided to fight for Lana” “on the advice of a friend”
  • Clark helps to look for Lex’s watch that Amy took. Catches Victoria at Lex’s computer.
  • Cadmus Labs! Wow. I forgot about that. This connection resurfaces all the way to the recent season of Titans.
  • Amy making it seem like Lex has poltergeists. / what’s with the black light?!?

Act Two

  • Lex mansion is Scottish
  • Chloe warns Clark about crossing over into romance with Lana.
  • Lionel! / “Smallville is your test”
  • Clark: “If you really want to thank me, don’t talk about Whitney” oh damn. Clark fighting for his space
  • Ohhhh Clark brings up that Jonathan and Nell used to date. Call back to the Pilot.
  • Lana about Clark: “He’s not always there when you want him, but he’s always there when you need him”
  • Clark and Lana almost kiss. And it’s coming from both of them. Before Nell interrupts.
  • A definite start to the Clark/Lana romance from both participants. Makes me wonder if it’s too early to plan that Lois will eventually show up. They had no idea how long the show would last at this point. Probably just assumed that a Superman story set in Smallville would always be about Clark and Lana

Act Three

  • notice the crow in the red cape and S chest shield on the school wall
  • Clark uses his X-ray vision to see what medicine Whitney has in his bag. Almost looks like X-ray vision mixed with telescopic vision
  • Little bit of backstory for Lex’s mom.
  • Amy tries to drown Victoria / does she also have strength just because she’s a KMOTW?
  • Lex just said he knows everything that happens in the mansion, and yet Clark goes zooming around

Act Four

  • yup. The K rose is a camouflage
  • Clark and Whitney. Again Clark stepping up to get Whitney back with Lana
  • Clark and Lana in the loft. Lana ready to start something with Clark but again he steps up and steers her back to Whitney / a bit overly dramatic but makes sense for a teen show. Probably not the first time Clark “pushes” Lana away
  • Amy is busted / but it’s not her it’s Jeff! Probably saw that coming since Jeff is barely seen after awhile

Act Five

  • Mace to the face! From the theme song montage
  • Jeff says he heard Luthor talk about Clark being special – but did he mean Lex or Lionel?
  • Again, Clark using his powers openly inside the mansion
  • Lex’s mom: “War is in our nature, we don’t need to put it on display”
  • Final shot of creepy Clark again spying on Whitney telling Lana about her dad. / Clark’s loneliness. But this time the ending felt a tiny bit forced. Because we’ve seen it before.


Next week: Episodes 11 thru 15!


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