The Daily Smallville 01:08 Jitters




  • best shot yet of the Kent home
  • Clark is wearing a Walkman!?
  • Kent’s anniversary in Metropolis leaving Clark alone / First shot of the city
  • Tony Todd!
  • KMOTW: LSH: Quake Kid?
  • I hate when tv people pop a pill and suddenly their ailment is relieved just like that.
  • These shake effects are hilarious

Act One

  • Written by Cherie Bennet & Jeff Gottesfeld / Michael Watkins director
  • party at the Kents!
  • Clark does the slowmo super speed trick years before Quicksilver in XMen Days of Future Past.
  • Lex brought the fireworks. To help Clark’s reputation.
  • Martha is from Metropolis
  • Whitney being a jerk to Lana about her going to the party without telling him
  • Tony (Earl Jenkins) is hiding in the Kent barn. Clark knows him. He used to work on the farm. / Clark tries to touch Earl and gets K poisoned. Usually the KMOTW doesn’t affect Clark that way.

Act Two

  • super slowmo clean up. Look for Clark getting frustrated when he can’t straighten the photo frame on the wall. Funny.
  • Oooops. Kents are home.
  • Mineral poison. From an explosion six months ago at the LuthorCorp plant. But was there one? / Earl mentions Level 3 of the Smallville plant which was shut down after an explosion
  • Tony says Jitters! Title!
  • School class trip. Gabe Sullivan. Chloe’s dad. The plant manager.

Act Three

  • hostage situation at the plant. Lex arrives. Talks to the Kents / wonder if Lex knows about level 3 / just another reason for Pa to dislike Lex
  • Lionel! / his reaction when he realizes who the Kents are. Could totally see how – from events in future eps – Lionel may already know more about the Kents even at this time / and clearly there’s history between Pa and Lionel
  • Love how Lex gets thrown off his game when Lionel is around.
  • Smallville wiki says Pa doesn’t shake Lionel’s hand in this scene. But in the cutaway you can see John Schneider’s shoulder move as if he was shaking hands. So while it’s not directly on camera, it’s there. I would think the creators would want to make a moment out of it had Pa not wanted to shake his hand. For drama.

Act Four

  • Whitney tries to be the hero / when Lex decides to go in, Lionel is smirking. Constantly trying to use situations to toughen up his son
  • Oh damn. And then Lionel is fine with sacrificing Lex.
  • Clark finds level 3

Act Five

  • Level 3. Where they would spray green mist on corn. Lex seems to respond – making connections to the meteor perhaps
  • More stunts by Welling / pulling up Earl and Lex from a catwalk.
  • Lex asks him how he did it / saving Lex again. Clark the savior again. / Lex has to know by now that Clark isn’t what he seems.
  • Good ending with Lex watching the Kents be a family while Lionel only acts at it. That stare by Lex. Wanting a family. Maybe even starting to resent Clark a little. Probably also wanting to know what is up with Clark – how did he save them.


Next episode: Rogue!


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