The Daily Smallville 01:07 Craving




  • Amy Adams! Working in a nursery with meteor rocks. And drinking meteor veggie smoothies
  • Amy Adams is 27 at this point. When she’s doing mostly her tv stuff prior to Catch Me If You Can / And eventually she plays … Lois Lane!

Act One

  • Lex has “Unusually elevated white cell count.” Lex says he doesn’t get sick. He had asthma but it disappeared the day he lost his hair. Nice call back to the pilot when he was using his inhaler
  • The doctor treating Lex says it’s a trend he’s noticed a lot of in Smallville. “Because of the LuthorCorps plant”. But we know it’s the K! So they do address this finally! Nice!
  • Michael Green writer. Philip Sgriccia director
  • Lana’s birthday party will be at the Luthor mansion
  • Chloe about Jody’s weight loss is speechless. “I was looking for a euphemism”. Nice that the show addresses that that’s how she talks – in euphemisms. And it’s annoying at times.
  • Lana visits the Kents and almost overhears Clark talking about his powers. For comedy so it doesn’t really have any other traction at this point.
  • Clark offers to escort Lana to her party since Whitney can’t go. Lana asks Clark to promise her that he’ll make it this time since he bailed during Cool. 
  • Jody’s last name Melville? Like the author for Moby Dick?! A whale joke? Yikes.
  • KMOTW: LSH Calorie Queen! Or Matter Eater Lad
  • Another car accident / bad CGI on the deer / she’s gonna eat it!!!! That’s hilarious.

Act Two

  • Clark needs his telescope because he doesn’t have telescopic vision just yet
  • Lex is reading the Torch. Why? / and then he visits the Wall of Weird / asks Clark if he remembers where he was when the storm hit. Clark says he wasn’t adopted yet. Clark origin mystery unfolding!
  • Lex talks about the storm. / Clark learns that’s how Lex went bald. Lex is putting pieces together. The storm, the weirdness. Not necessarily the K just yet.
  • Amy Adams being older than most of her co-stars gives her more presence than most KMOTW so far. 
  • A Confederacy of Dunces. Lots of literature in the show. Lana is well read.
  • Lana about the drive-in with her parents. “Last time I remember feeling completely safe”. That’s a key to her character.
  • Amy eats the dude! Sucks out his fat?

Act Three

  • Lex visits Dr. Steven Hamilton played by Joe Morton. Who will eventually play Silas Stone in Justice League!
  • Hamilton as in Emil Hamilton of DC Comics and a later Smallville character / To learn about the meteor rocks. Mineralogist. / meteors alter cellular makeup. So glad they are addressing this. 
  • Hamilton gives Lex a meteor
  • Why isn’t Chloe helping Clark with a gift for Lana? That was the deal for getting info on the deer. Writers didn’t follow up on that.
  • Did Lex set up the whole Whitney isn’t at the party so Clark has an in? / and also helps Clark with his gift for Lana
  • Chloe and Clark figure out Amy is behind it all fairly quickly once they realize a meteor hit near her home. They are all in on the weirdness going on in Smallville and are making connections much faster now.
  • Amy to Pete: “I’m fine. I just need to eat.” And then a pause. I liked that acting/writing/directing moment. 
  • I keep calling her Amy and not her character name of Jody. Ha. 

Act Four

  • Kryptonite in the nursery. Clark’s down! / Clark says she needs help. From who?!
  • So she’s a KMOTW that is conflicted – which is a first. Destroys the nursery, wanting to kill herself? / Oh Clark saves her!

Act Five

  • Craving could be what Lex wants. Information. Lana also. Craves safety. Normalcy?
  • Jody a loose end? Not sure she really saw what Clark can do.
  • Pa: “well when you do the things you do, helping people sometimes you have to make sacrifices”
  • Lex gets his diagnosis. Clean bill of health. / Hamilton is a sex offender? / Lex: gives him the “power to reinvent yourself”
  • Hamilton: “Why does a billionaire son care so much about a bunch of rocks that fell out of the sky twelve years ago?”, Lex: “I save that story for people I trust”. Yup – more pieces coming together. I forget how many seasons this aspect plays out. 
  • Music ending! Hero by Enrique Iglesias. Awwwww. Perfect.
  • Clark gives Lana her gift: a drive in with cartoons against his barn.

Next episode: Jitters!


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