The Daily Smallville 01:02 Metamorphosis



– takes place immediately after ep 1

– Lana’s trophy drawer speaks volumes. Might even have the tiara she was wearing at the time of her parent’s death

– Kryptonite Monster of the Week: Greg, the Insect … King?! Another LSH inspiration. And of course he drives a Bug.

– Greg: “Everyone changes, mom”

– Kryptonite enhanced bugs. Obvious answer here, but clearly there’s an uptick in “weird” lately. Seems like once Clark learns his truth, the whole town of Smallville escalates in weirdness.

– Greg’s Metamorphosis. And Clark’s as well. Greg is practically a spider man. 

– Clark is flying while he dreams. Wakes up from a dream where Lana blames him floating above his bed. For a show that said they wouldn’t show that, they bring it up fairly early.

– I wonder how long the guilt over the death of Lana’s parents lasts

– Why is Whitney such a jerk 

– Lex gets a reluctant handshake from Pa / sees Lana for the first time and how Clark looks at her.

– More car accidents. Clark saves Whitney from the car explosion. Along with the weirdness of Smallville, Clark’s heroic nature is coming out now that he’s learned about his origins, even if he’s not fully accepting of them just yet. Always born to be a hero. 

– Second big explosion effect that sounds like human voices mixed in / no one is used to Clark’s invulnerability just yet

– Clark tells Pa about his floating. “What’s happening to me?” / And he’s scared. His metamorphosis, too. Now that a few powers are out, all the rest are joining.

– Lex meets Lana for the first time but she’s met him before as a kid. And he already questions whether she’s with the right guy since Clark saved Whitney. Again, in a way, Lex thinks he’s doing the right thing putting questions into Lana’s mind about what happened on homecoming night. For Clark. / Could also add to the notion that Clark is always saving people, just like he saved Lex.

– Lex is teasing Clark for having a reputation as a savior. Lex gives Clark the necklace, and sees that it affects him? The necklace is in a lead box, made from the armor of Saint George the patron saint of Boy Scouts. Ha. / Another scene where Lex is trying to do good by Clark – giving him “power” over Lana and Whitney. Good intentions, in his own way. Goes to show that this early on everyone’s eventual nature is in flux.

– Clark tests the kryptonite on himself. And learns about lead stopping the radiation.

– Jonathan calls the barn Clark’s Fortress of Solitude / Lana believes Lex is a good friend to Clark / Nell had the necklace made. To show that “life is about change. Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s beautiful. But most of the times it’s both.” – speaks to Clark’s situation. / also reinforces that Lana is adopted just like Clark.

– almost looks like Clark can hear Greg before he attacks / super speed which we’ve already seen to save his dad. It’s a sloppy rescue which is good to see.

– Clark tells Pa about the wall of weird. Pa blames it on the Luthorcorps fertilizer plant. Clark still talks about his own responsibility. Pa reinforces that all of these misgivings is what makes his human.

– Chloe doesn’t like when Clark shuts her out. Triangle begins between Clark, Chloe and Lana. And Pete eventually.

– Clark used to get dizzy going to Greg’s tree house – kryptonite. / Pete says Clark was afraid of heights as well. Funny for a guy that will be able to fly.

– “You’re not the only one who’s changed”. Says Clark. / more lead in the warehouse during their battle saving Clark. Bug boy just splits into thousands of bugs and disappears. Does he come back?

– Clark has Whitney save Lana. Clark making things “right” despite what Lex said. Even if Clark doesn’t like it.

– Clark hangs Lana’s necklace on her doorknob knowing he has to return it / “Wherever You Will Go” song used by the Calling. Good use of music and lyrics to the scene and to Clark’s notion of Lana. “If I could turn back time”. “If I could make you mine” / I’m sure there were other shows before this that cemented that WB/CW teen drama feel – Dawson’s Creek? – but this show does that well. The mix of scenes/music to heighten emotion. Still carried over to shows like Riverdale. Long lineage.

– Not to mention he gives Lana back the thing that forces him to keep his distance. And so that she’ll not be mad at Whitney anymore. Taking responsibility, playing the “hero”, self sacrifice.


Next episode: Hothead!


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