6 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 11.07.12: New Comics Wednesday & Previews

  1. That Paul Pope “One Trick Rip Off” hardcover is very interesting. Not sure what happened, but this collection was one of the books included in the initial announcement for Legendary, when Bob Schreck took the reins for their new comic publishing initiative. I’m looking forward to getting this, but am left wondering what the heck is going on at Legendary (have they published anything besides Holy Terror?)

  2. Every time I hear the title Creator Owned Comics I keep on thinking of a Who’s on first comedy routine.

    I prefer sequential issues in my trades too. I just can’t bring myself to buy many collections of random issues anymore. Some issues in that Impulse trade are indeed skipped because of a crossover that is collected elsewhere while the other isn’t written by Waid who wrote the rest of the issues. I can forgive the crossover skipping but the other kind of grinds my gears. I’m used to it from DC by now. Sometimes Marvel does it. I remember Marvel putting recaps of skipped issues in the trades from the original Peter David run from X-Factor covering X-Cutioner’s Song.

    With Marvel Now I imagine that the long term comment was indeed intended more for the writers since it’s rare that an artist can do 12 issues. Even being a Marvel guy when the artists were announced i was like “Who’s the 2nd or 3thd artist?” Titles like Amazing Spider-Man have worked out pretty well rotating between several artists. I don’t expect all Marvel titles to run that smoothly.

    1. Kevin – about “random issue collections” – yea, not a fan of that either. There’s a Jose Luis Garcia Lopez trade collecting random Superman issues in the latest Previews and I can’t give it a recommendation. It’s almost too random.

  3. I wanted to let you know that comic shop owners/workers are drug dealers!!! I worked in an LCS for 15 years and I knew I how to “push” the “stuff”. All it took was one question, “so what do you guys think I should be reading?” Once I heard that I knew I could get them hooked. Sad thing is, now that I no lobger work at an LCS I am the “user” and fall for all of my old tricks!!! Thanks again for a great pod-cast!

  4. Haha. I’m pretty good at not being swayed too much. I have a good handle on stuff I know I’m going to like – it’s kinda rare that something sneaks up on me.

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