The Daily Rios 11.02.12: Feedback Friday

More comic benchmark discussion, favorite actors, Comico, and revealing the origins of the Rios Comic Universe! (33:07)

2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 11.02.12: Feedback Friday

  1. I think myself and some of the listeners would love to hear more about The Rios Comic Universe. For those comic fans out there who ever sat in front of that sketch pad and drew their own comics good or bad knows the enjoyment of such a task and I think would like to hear more about your own Universe. Dig it out of the mothballs Peter and tell us all about it!

    I laughed so hard hearing you read my FULL comment on my Superhero universe, and hearing their names mentioned on a podcast. “Mudslinger” and “Mad House” would be proud. Your reading of it was spot on as well you nailed the exact tone of the comment. I was cringing when you mentioned my “New Outsiders” team. I was a black hole of originality back then at the age of 11

    Thanks again Peter, Poll the listenership I think they would enjoy an episode on the Rios Comic Universe.



  2. I’ve added it to the giant TO DO list. Although I can’t give it all away – don’t want anyone stealing my ideas! I may not want to do anything with it – but I don’t want anyone else to do anything with it either! Just call me Alan Moore. haha.

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