4 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 11.05.12

  1. Great episode Mr. Rios but I was wondering if I could ask you an unrelated question. I’m a huge New Teen Titans fan and I just found your old Tower podcast and on the 1st episode you mention a CGS website only episode of the Tower that came out before the 1st Tower. Well I can’t find that pre-episode anywhere, is it still available and if so would you mind pointing me towards it. I hope this isn’t to much trouble i’m a big fan and really looking forward to hearing you talk about New Teen Titans.

  2. Hey Scott! Thanks for the comment! The Tower 0 episode was an introductory episode that explained a few things: why it was called the Tower, why it was run on the CGS “Footnotes” feed, etc. It had some Titans talk but most of it was discussion on the podcast format more than anything else. I think it was short as well. I still have the ep and I plan on releasing all the Tower eps soon as a lead up to a new episode. Stay tuned! I can’t wait to get back to the Tower!

  3. Oh ok thanks for answering my question I think I might wait to listen to the rest of the tower episodes till you release them. Thanks again for all the great podcasting you do.

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