2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 11.01.12: Throwback Thursday: Nov 2007

  1. Great Show Peter. I will disagree with you on Wizard.I loved that magazine and was a faithful reader up until its last year and a half of its run when its format changed and my comic book budget was at an all time low.

    It kept me involved in comics for the several years I stepped away from them after university. It was my Newsarama, or Bleeding Cool before I discovered the online presence of comics and I hold it in high regard. From the covers to the articles, to the casting calls and to the price guide I consumed these bad boys every month. It was grossly over priced in Canada, but I worked in retail and the months I could not afford it I read the full book off the newsstand until they bagged it!! Arrgghh. Loved the Wizard specials as well, with the Wizard Zero Hour Special being my favorite.

    I have one question though. During the podcast you talked about Wizard some times “making stuff up in their issues and this is not the first time I heard this. What exactly did Wizard do in the process of creating their articles that made their “Integrity” come into question.

    Again standout episode Peter, feed me more!

  2. Chris! I don’t remember saying I hated the mag or anything like that – or maybe I just don’t remember? haha. Like you – I found the last few years sorely lacking – especially when they went magazine format. But I still have a huge run of it from issue 1 up to somewhere in those final years. For the rest, I’ll be sure to comment on next week’s Feedback Friday! Thanks!

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