TDR Digest 05.21.22

The Daily Rios Digest for May 21st, 2022: Ranking the Marvel Disney+ shows. Talking Starman in 1st Issue Special. Comics History continues for May. And more! (45:27)


(00:00) Marvel Monday: Disney+ shows ranked
(10:42) Timeline Tuesday: 25 years ago: May 1997
(16:22) New Comics Wednesday
(28:15) A Thought for Thursday: “Nothing makes sense…”
(29:39) Road to Danger Street 12: 1st Issue Special 12: Starman


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2 thoughts on “TDR Digest 05.21.22

  1. I’m still catching up on marvel shows, but I like your rankings. Mostly because I disagree entirely with yours. Once I’m done I’ll troll back and show you what I feel. Unfortunately Star Wars and Star Trek have so many things for me to watch that I am barely holding even on my backlog.

    Excellent episode though. I really enjoyed the call back to Starman.

    1. Thanks, Ben! I expand a bit more on the Marvel shows on the recent CGS ep Bryan and I did – but yea, I knew my list would feel off for some. Haha. Can’t wait!

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