TBT: Peter’s Comic Page: Starman Year Two

Continuing a look at the comicbook Annotations section from my old 2002 AOL homepage on comics. Starman Year Two spotlights issues 12 thru 23, including Annual 1. This year of stories starts with “Sins of the Child” (a sequel to “Sins of the Father” which began the series) where James Robinson utilizes interesting narrative techniques to tell the events of one 24 hour period from multiple points of view. It also has one of the best Starman arcs featuring the Golden Age Sandman called “Sand and Stars”. Many of the plot points and off-the-cuff comments of these first two years would carry all the way through to some of the final issues years later, which is the very reason why I wanted to chart all the little footnotes. Hit the images for a slightly larger version and look for a new title to begin next week. Enjoy!

042414a 042414b 042414c


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