Max Wittert’s Jean & Scott

Today’s webcomic post comes from a friend of mine that isn’t necessarily a comicbook reader, but one that has her own geek-centric hobbies and such. I always like when my friends send me stuff like this, knowing that I’ll appreciate it. It’s a silly yet all too funny slacker look at Jean Grey and Scott Summers as roommates told by artist Max Wittert. According to the Buzzfeed article that my friend sent me, the webcomic is inspired by the ’90s X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon:

“Like most of my comic work, the whole thing was based off a single joke. It always drove me crazy the way Jean was so weak in that old 90’s cartoon… The Scott/Jean relationship I’ve been developing is actually just based on my roommates’. With certain mutations.”

You can start with Jean & Scott Episode 1 here. And check out Wittert’s Tumblr and Website

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