TBT: Peter’s Comic Page: For All Seasons R’view

Another snapshot of my old 2002 AOL homepage on comics, this time from the R’views section (‘R’views’ is my shorthand for ‘Rios’ reviews’. Crazy to think I’ve been using it for this long). The following is a look at Superman For All Seasons by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale with colors by Bjarne Hansen. It’s less a review and more an analysis of sorts, with a little bit of Footnoting going on as well. And clearly I needed an editor: spelling mistakes everywhere – apparently I wasn’t fond of the spellcheck feature on my old Gateway. Ha. I’m sure my grammar is all over the place, but that’s fine. I know my limits as a writer – that’s why I’m a performer. Even through all of that, I enjoyed the reread. Many of the observations could be explored further but I like the connections that are discussed throughout the review – a strength going back to my love of trivia and to script analysis for theatre, etc. I’ll let the R’view speak for itself from here. Hit the images for a larger view.