4 thoughts on “New Comics Wednesday 02.12.14

  1. THE BUNKER was so good. It definitely seems to be playing in the “LOST” sandbox (and it might have even made note of that in the dialogue), but I have enjoyed a lot of Fialkov’s creator-owned work, and I expect this to be no different. The man can write. And the art from Joe Infurnari was wonderful. it really got across the mood of the narrative while just being beautiful to look at. Highly recommended!

    1. Chris – I’m assuming you’ve read Elk’s Run and Tumor? For those that haven’t, those are earlier works by Fialkov. Elk’s Run is what brought him to my attention years back. I also LOVE the comic he did with Kody Chamberlain: PUNKS the Comic! So so funny.

  2. Oh yeah, I loved both Tumor and Elk’s Run, which I actually wrote about for the Pulse, back in the day:

    I also managed to plug two of Infurnari’s early works there, as well:

    I had forgotten about PUNKS. I need to seek that out now, along with Echoes, which I heard was really good.

    And speaking of Tumor & Elk’s Run, Fialkov’s artistic partner on both of those books, Noel Tuazon, is phenomenal and has a new book coming out in a couple months from NBM, Family Ties, with writer Eric Hobbs, who worked previously worked with Tuazon on The Broadcast, another great comic.

    I could go on (and have, today, across recent TDR posts), but will choose to hold off on my typing and allow others to pipe up here – plus, I should get back to work too. Talk with ya later.


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