TBT: Peter’s Comic Page: Finis

With today’s post, I finally bring a close to all the various sections of my old 2002 AOL homepage on comics. It was a modest beginning – and I certainly didn’t use all the notes I’ve amassed over the years prior to building that site – but it was a fun start. And it most certainly gave me the drive to want to do more. A portion of those comic book reviews/notes/etc. would find their way onto a Blogspot page I created in January 2004 (which would last until 2011). I used some on the CGS podcast (mostly in Important Dates, Trivia and Footnotes episodes). Then came my Tumblr, the Daily Rios podcast and site. There have been many many hours devoted to comics and I doubt it will decrease in the future. This final section was a Comics Trivia Homepage post on the few Game Nights we held at Golden Eagle Comics. If you know about my Comicbook Trivia Game, here is a (much too wordy) breakdown of the rules, categories and gameplay. Also, some familiar names of winners and participants. Hope you enjoyed this look back to 2002. Enjoy. 






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