The Daily Rios 07.16.12


The Daily Rios 07.13.12

Feedback Friday! Walking Dead 100! Kirkman vs Moore! Workouts for creators! 100 Movies reactions! And more! (21:57)

The Daily Rios 07.12.12

Yahoo’s 100 Movies To See Before You Die: The Modern Classics. Boogie Nights?!? (08:37)

The Daily Rios 07.11.12

New Comics Wednesday! (20:52)

The Daily Rios 07.10.12

Ten Tweet Tuesday! News bits from across the day including Star Wars, San Diego, diets, Walking Dead 100 and more! (25:46)

The Daily Rios 07.09.12

A Day in the Life of My Crazy Family. Unscripted and unaware I was recording. (19:06)

The Daily Rios 07.06.12

Feedback Friday. Go party. (27:23)

The Daily Rios 07.05.12

Roller Coasters. Comic Book Anniversaries. Previews. Loudmouths. And singing. 23 minutes? It’s like a real podcast! (23:25)

The Daily Rios 07.04.12

1776 Suite.

The Daily Rios 07.03.12

Marvel NOW!, TV, and comics you should buy. (05:59)

The Daily Rios 07.02.12