Previews for July 2014

Previews! The following recommendations are from the May Previews for books shipping mostly in July. Hit the individual pictures and links for info, previews, ordering info, etc. Other thoughts and tidbits will follow. Preorder when you can and spread the word!

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– The blurb for Image’s Low reads: “From Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini, the team who brought you … Uncanny X-Force!”. Huh-WHA? Uhhh… all of 4 issues of you mean. And it was the “Otherworld” story – the one that was not that good. Sheesh. Talk about misleading.

– Hugh Howey’s sci-fi novel Wool is given a six issue comicbook adaptation.

– Both Teen Titans and Suicide Squad are getting a volume two within the New 52. And I can’t say they look all that different from their volume ones. It’s totally prejudging the titles before they ship, but I’m trying to find the entry point for giving these titles a second go-around. And no, I’m not about to go on an Asselin-esque rant on the cover to Teen Titans #1. Unless you’ve seen every single woman on the planet, you cannot say that Wonder Girl’s proportions are imaginary. Oh right, I forgot, that wasn’t her only issue. Oh, yea, it’s not about anatomy, it’s about “marketing”. Yea right… because all girls think alike and will be “offended” and will stay away from the title en masse. Geez – how narrow in thinking can you get?
– I rarely give thoughts on toys or statues, but check out the Wonder Woman Art of War Statue by Yanick Paquette on pg 172. I haven’t seen that costume on her before – along with the laced up, calf high boots – so it makes me wonder if that’s the costume she will be wearing in Paquette and Morrison’s upcoming Wonder Woman Earth One OGN?

– Fresh off of this year’s Free Comic Book Day is Tom Scioli and John Barber’s Transformers vs. G.I.Joe! Also, Star Trek: Flesh and Stone uniting all the various Star Trek Medical Officers? Yes please.

– A newer (ish?) publisher that I’m starting to keep an eye out for – with projects that are worth spotlighting. Along with the link above, there’s also Zaya on page 379. Can’t wait to see the quality of their books in my own hands.

– A Storm ongoing. It’s about time. 
Spider-Man 2099 by Peter David with art from William Sliney of Fearless Defenders. Hmmm… might have to give this a few issues.

– Larry Niven’s Ringworld series is also adapted into comics but this time with a manga treatment. Not sure how that style will compliment the series, but I might be persuaded to give it a one-off look.

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