Captain America: the Winter Soldier R’view

Okay, so not really a true review, just a series of quick hit thoughts that I wrote up after seeing Captain America: the Winter Soldier on the big screen. I found the list and thought I’d drop it here without much expansion since there’s been enough exaltation and discussion. Here we go:

– Falcon was a great addition and looked great on the screen
– dug the fight with Batroc, sad that it was so short. Makes sense though if he’s not enhanced. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s not on Cap’s level.
– what was with Black Widow’s skin tone?
– wanted more Winter Soldier. His fight scenes were great. Well choreographed and paced. 
– a few of my non-comicbook reading friends where underwhelmed with the Winter Soldier reveal. That’s the first movie’s fault. Why they didn’t save Bucky’s death for the last battle with the Red Skull is beyond me. It would’ve kept the character in the movie longer, given his death more weight and it would be a little closer to his comicbook demise. Missed opportunity on that one.
– Robert Redford in a super-hero movie. Come on – that’s cool! I thought for sure he was going to be Red Skull.
– it didn’t register who “Brock Rumlow” was – or the identity he’ll become. Totally made sense though once I figured it out.
– thought it was a little weird that they never mention the name “Sharon Carter” – either that or I missed it – guess we have to wait for the deleted scenes.
– wanted more HYDRA. I saw the memes before I saw the movie, and I thought that whole “Hail HYDRA” whispering thing was going to play out more. Or with even more Marvel Cinematic characters revealing themselves. It happened once. Once! Lame.
– Chris Evans has settled a bit more into the role after two movies

– hopefully Cap takes on a far more active role in the third movie. He felt a little in the backseat for most of this until he came up with the plan to take down HYDRA. I felt that way about his role in Avengers too. Feels like they are building up to something – either in Avengers 2 or Cap 3. Maybe Civil War?
– speaking of taking down HYDRA, the demise of the initial threat felt too quick. Three microchips and that’s it? It was a lot of telling that HYDRA was taking over on a global scale and not much showing. Even Agents of SHIELD gave more of that. Would’ve been nice to carry that over to the third movie but that’s impossible with having to keep the story moving through to Avengers 2. That’s the downside to connecting all these movies – a timeline is established and you can’t wait to do a trilogy in the truest sense of the word. It has to cross from title to title.
– the ending foreshadowing stuff for future movies was a nice visual “to be continued”
– post credits scene – I mean, at this point, they’ve become almost more important than the movies they are attached to

– definitely makes me want to read the Brubaker run. Certainly has been recommended enough over the years. 
– I think I have more of an appreciation for the first Cap now. I liked the sequel but the first movie being set during World War II made it unique, made it different from the other Marvel movies. Now it’s just “along the same lines”. 

So all in all, decent movie. And we’ll see how it echoes throughout the next few Marvel movies if at all. Certainly the way it’ll echo in Agents of SHIELD is already evident. Next up, the movie I’ve been anticipating for awhile: X-Men Days of Future Past! 

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