HYRT! Peter Hall on Geek Cynicism


Warner Bros. has officially announced the title for the upcoming Superman/Batman movie and the “Don’t read the comments!” warning cry is the best way to describe the reaction. Sheesh. Fortunately, I found the following linked article that pretty much sums up a lot of the thoughts I could write about. Instead, I’ll let the editorial by Peter Hall speak for me. And bravo for his words. Here’s just a small snippet:

“It’s just getting so tiring that fandom’s default position these days is utter disdain for the people who are making the movies they can’t stop talking about for months, even years, at a time…. If all it does is make you angry and snarky and jaded, over and over and over, why not go find a new hobby?”

Go read the rest of the article called “Geeks Are Entering the Age of Instant Backlash and It’s Getting Really Tiresome”. And if the hairs on the back of your neck start to rise, if your blood starts to boil in disagreement, guess what:



1 thought on “HYRT! Peter Hall on Geek Cynicism

  1. I’ve been reading Harlan Ellison’s “The Glass Teat” for the first time, which collects his articles on TV from the LA Free Press, written by him back in the late 1960s. And Ellison says a similar thing about those who felt the need to complain about the loosening of morals found in television – the Smothers Brothers show being the most prominent example. He calls for them to turn the damn channel, as he does when he finds something on the tube he doesn’t care for.



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