New Comics Wednesday 12.11.13

A bunch of collections and more for this week’s new releases! 


About 2-3 months back, I finally read the three-issue Doctor Mid-Nite mini-series from 1999. So of course a trade was solicited right after. And now it’s finally released – with a spiffy new logo design to boot! I’m curious to see the interiors on the trade – John K. Snyder III’s artwork is quality, but the printed coloring made it all a bit too dark. Should the trade lighten those colors up, that would be a plus. In any case, the collection is worth it if you’re interested in the character or in a super-DC type story: fictional city, great obscure villains, gadgets, etc. When I was introduced to the character in the Goyer/Johns JSA title, I remarked that he felt very ’80s Batman-ish, especially during the Barr/Aparo Batman and the Outsiders days when Batman was a total “super-hero”. Doctor Mid-Nite is that way in this book as well. A great read if you can grab it.

Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe. Yes, it was a gimmick. But damn if it wasn’t a fun one with some stellar art: Gary Frank, Joe Kubert, Kevin Maguire, Chris Bachalo, Jerry Ordway – the list goes on. It was scoffed at at the time, but when the books came out, and sure, not all of the stories were super-creative, it still managed to entertain. Is the omnibus worth it? Probably not – you can find the issues in back issue bins if you are convention savvy. Or look for deep discounts.

I’ve been building my Grant Morrison library – slowly – and I have the issues of Happy in my collection already. But this deluxe hardcover edition has a new story. Grrr – I hate when there’s new content in collections that didn’t appear in the issues. Those of us that supported the monthly release get screwed. At least offer the new content digitally at a cheaper price so we don’t have to double dip. Bastards.

I’m not one to sample much out of Dynamite, but I figured someone might be interested in a new Doc Savage title. Get it now before they inundate you with other Doc Savage spin-offs.; if you’re a fan of the current Hawkeye series and you haven’t read Immortal Iron Fist, then you need this collection. It collects the 2006-08 Ed Brubaker/Matt Fraction run in its entirety and is so worth a read. These stories add to the Iron Fist legacy, are well told and crafted, and the artwork is stunning. I’m fairly certain it was the first time I saw David Aja’s artwork. Another worthwhile purchase.; and finally Lunita 1 from Amigo Comics out of Spain. Not the most polished comic I’ve read, but something about it was enough to warrant a look and a nod in this post. Check it out below.

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