7 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 268: Under Woman

  1. My wife has the Sound of Music on our DVR. She loves the movie and I haven’t the heart to tell her how many bad reviews it’s received. When I heard that Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, I had no idea what to think. Mostly because I had no idea who she was. So I did what I think a lot of people might do when they are unfamiliar with someone. They go to YouTube. Now that I have done so, I am so excited to see her in the role. She’s a fresh face for most people and I think she could really bring something interesting to the role of Princess Diana. As for the people who are saying she doesn’t seem like Wonder Woman, I pay no attention to them. There are so many actors who had been cast for a role where people say “I just don’t see it” and had to eat their words. Seriously people, have we learned nothing from being wrong about Heath Ledger as the Joker? People can surprise you. I for one am excited to see her as Wonder Woman and I’m so happy to see someone new who had a great look to play the part.

    1. Jamie! Did your wife watch Sound of Music? It’s certainly worth a look if she enjoys it. Just keep in mind that it’s the original stage version, not a reboot of the movie.

  2. Pete,

    Your points on Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman were all spot on. Spot. On. If given the chance, and dependent upon the script and the direction, Gadot, as an unknown, could embody Wonder Woman as well as Lynda Carter did for an earlier generation. Christopher Reeve, as a relative unknown, didn’t do too badly when he took on Superman.

    1. “Dependent upon the script and the direction” – unfortunately I have a feeling that some people’s view of the actress as the character won’t go past the movie itself, if that makes sense. Regardless of what she does, if they don’t like the movie, I have a feeling the detractors will just automatically dislike what is done with Wonder Woman.

  3. Peter, you mentioned that trivia game during the episode–intrigue! I remember hearing about this while listening to CGS episodes, and always wanted to be able to try it out (or listen to you & the CGS crew play a game while I played along at home). I’m looking forward to what you have to announce regarding this.

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