The Pretty Girl has decreed that I should watch one of her favorite TV shows, Chuck! Now that my Battlestar Galactica rewatch is complete, I thought I would get to the last two Smallville seasons but that didn’t happen. And I’m holding off on watching Arrow until I do (only because I like to absorb similar properties in production order, not because of any kind of perceived series to series continuity. I know they are different). Or maybe I could dive deeper into my great Star Trek watch. And Batman the Animated Series. I stopped about halfway into my DC Direct to DVD movie list. And I’m also getting the urge to rewatch Lost, start Fringe and see all the episodes of Babylon 5 that I’ve missed. Then there’s Breaking Bad, Mad Men, True Detective – all new to me. The only shows I’m caught up on are Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD, Cosmos and the Crazy Ones (I like Robin Williams. Sue me). So sure – what’s another series to add?!

Plus, without really knowing anything about Chuck, I once begged for someone to cast series regular Yvonne Strahovski as Katchoo in a live action Strangers in Paradise series. Because really:




So – we’re two episodes in and it’s a fun show. Even if I have to break my ban on watching anything with Adam Baldwin due to his over the top political leanings. All worth it to share in something geek-related (I should say nerd-related since we’re talking Zachary Levi here) that comes from my girl rather than me. 

Plus, we’d totally kick butt cosplaying as Chuck and Sarah.