The Pretty Girl has decreed that I should watch one of her favorite TV shows, Chuck! Now that my Battlestar Galactica rewatch is complete, I thought I would get to the last two Smallville seasons but that didn’t happen. And I’m holding off on watching Arrow until I do (only because I like to absorb similar properties in production order, not because of any kind of perceived series to series continuity. I know they are different). Or maybe I could dive deeper into my great Star Trek watch. And Batman the Animated Series. I stopped about halfway into my DC Direct to DVD movie list. And I’m also getting the urge to rewatch Lost, start Fringe and see all the episodes of Babylon 5 that I’ve missed. Then there’s Breaking Bad, Mad Men, True Detective – all new to me. The only shows I’m caught up on are Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD, Cosmos and the Crazy Ones (I like Robin Williams. Sue me). So sure – what’s another series to add?!

Plus, without really knowing anything about Chuck, I once begged for someone to cast series regular Yvonne Strahovski as Katchoo in a live action Strangers in Paradise series. Because really:




So – we’re two episodes in and it’s a fun show. Even if I have to break my ban on watching anything with Adam Baldwin due to his over the top political leanings. All worth it to share in something geek-related (I should say nerd-related since we’re talking Zachary Levi here) that comes from my girl rather than me. 

Plus, we’d totally kick butt cosplaying as Chuck and Sarah. 

4 thoughts on “Chuck!

  1. The “Yvonne Strahovski as Katchoo” was a popular thought when the show was on. Take it one step further, because people would also suggest Sarah Lancaster, the actress playing Chuck’s sister Ellie, to play Francine Peters in a SiP movie. You will have that thought in your head every time you see the two on screen together. Enjoy your run through Chuck!!

    1. Ha! Interesting. Although, is there something a little… creepy?… about those two actresses sharing the SIP story? Considering their relationship to Chuck, having them in a relationship together just seems… off. Haha. But yea – I can see that being a popular casting desire. I’d give Francine to Kelen Coleman of the Newsroom. Something about her face (her eyes and smile) and her acting feels very Francine to me.

  2. Peter, I really enjoyed Chuck for the first few seasons, but I let it go during the last part of S4 and totally missed out on S5. As far as all those other shows–I need to clone myself or win the lottery or something so that I can read all the comics I haven’t yet, watch all the tv/movies that I want, and work on my blog/podcast more. I know, whaaaa!, right? 🙂

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