Monthly Archive: October, 2012

The Daily Rios 10.31.12: New Comics Wednesday

Anthologies! Absolutes! Digital Comics! Sequels! And more! (14:55)

The Daily Rios 10.30.12: Sainio After Dark

Presenting a rebroadcast of the Sainio Cast episode 7. Marvel comics, podcasting, Edgar Allan Poe and more! (26:01)

The Daily Rios 10.29.12: Ode to Sandy

Ode to Sandy. (05:39)

The Daily Rios 10.26.12: Free-For-All Friday

Sandy. Philly. Disaster movies. Cheeseburgers. (09:42)

The Daily Rios 10.25.12: What is your real age?

A test. (04:39)

The Daily Rios 10.24.12: New Comics Wednesday & Previews

New Comics Wednesday with a side order of Previews recommendations for books shipping in December. (26:44)

The Daily Rios 10.23.12: Timeline Tuesday: October

Anniversaries, releases, birthdays and other comic book events for the month of October. (13:24)

The Daily Rios 10.22.12: Monday Musings… Inspiration

Inspiration edition. (02:17)

The Daily Rios 10.19.12: Feedback Friday

A healthy dose of Feedback for this Friday including sports vs comics fans, working for corporate comics, Marvel Now reactions and more! (43:27)

The Daily Rios 10.18.12: R’view

A r’view of the Marvel Now! Point One oneshot! (16:23)

The Daily Rios 10.17.12: New Comics Wednesday

Cyber Force! The Curse! Mind the Gap! the Hive! Gray Morrow’s Orion! And more! (10:27)

The Daily Rios 10.16.12: Exploring Comics Community

What brings us together and why? (18:59)