The Daily Rios 10.23.12: Timeline Tuesday: October

Anniversaries, releases, birthdays and other comic book events for the month of October. (13:24)


Comico’s Black Book by Gerry Giovinco: 

5 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 10.23.12: Timeline Tuesday: October

  1. Birds of Prey was an alright series…when it first came on I remember making an effort to watch the show then it kinda fell by the wayside…with in the last year I watched it on Netflix … does it hold up…not really … I think they ran into the we are canceled so we have to wrap it up somewhat…at least check it out

  2. People don’t talk about Priest’s Black Panther enough. I’ll take a two volume omnibus of that. That series was a bit of a turning point for me. I dropped the Spider-Man titles I wasn’t enjoying and decided to support a series that I would enjoy and that was a higher quality at the time.

  3. Chad! Good to hear from ya! In my effort to consume every “comic” project in another media, I’m sure I’ll get to BoP at some point!

    Kevin – I have to give Marvel credit for allowing it to run as long as it did. I would support the heck out of a collected run.

  4. The timeline episodes are my favorites so far Peter. Really enjoying them. Loved hearing someone finally bring up Comico. As a fan growing up I loved indy book publishers like Comico, NOW, Malibu, and First.

    Books like The Elementals, X-Mutants,, Grendel, and The Justice Machine were a few I collected when I could find them on store shelves. Indy books were like a new world always had my imagination running wild.

    Usually it would end up with me on my sketchpad drawing my out universe of characters which occasionally guest starred Heros from the big two. They usually played second fiddle to my guys..LOL. Yep I remember when Batman left the “outsiders” at DC to join my hero group “The New Outsiders” LOL..original I know! They consisted of Mudslinger, (Army Iron Man Type), Mechaman (Miracleman meets Rocketeer), Dark Terror (Wolverine/Batman meets Rick Hunter-Robotech), and the no nonsense MaddHouse (shameless Punisher rip off with long hair and balding forehead and a lighting bolt tattoo! He even wore the exact Punisher suit. Law suit!).

    The team also had a revolving door of DC /Marvel characters like Batman, Superman, and Blue Devil damn it!

    I am rambling Ill stop now. A fellow comics fan understands these ramblings so to everyone else reading this I apologize…

    Good job Peter!

  5. If anyone was a fan of the old Comics Interview magazine, check out the Comico/CO2 blog link above – they are reprinting the series in collection format!

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