The Daily Rios 10.19.12: Feedback Friday

A healthy dose of Feedback for this Friday including sports vs comics fans, working for corporate comics, Marvel Now reactions and more! (43:27)

8 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 10.19.12: Feedback Friday

  1. This episode is why I love the Daily Rios: Smart talk, details, strong opinions and thoughtful comments. Makes me think. The Daily Rios is the “60 minutes” (TV news program) of podcasting. And about the length of the episode, it’s perfect for me.

  2. Nick! Thanks for that! The feedback from listeners helps to shape my ongoing thoughts about comics and the biz or spark new ones. So I’m always appreciative of the ongoing discussion.

  3. Really enjoying the continuing benchmark talk. Find myself nodding my head in agreement a lot. I’ve been following The Comics Should Be Good blog at CBR run down of Top 100 runs. Always enjoy when these are done year to year even though some recent comics are usually too high on the list. Some great titles on there and ones that I would consider benchmarks.

  4. Kevin – I’ve caught up on their list to date. Long comic runs are hard to quantify. I think there are definite benchmarks when it comes to comic runs: Cerebus, Sandman, the Lee/Kirby FF possibly – but most on that list feel like they belong in a secondary category. Something along the lines of important comic runs or runs you have to read. Which runs are benchmarks for you?

  5. I think the Lee/Ditko Spider-Man has to be in that “benchmark” category. It, arguably, includes everything that makes Spidey who he is.

    Along these same lines, I was listening to an ifanboy podcast (it was my buddy’s and we were driving down to SPX, so I was stuck in the car – just for the record) that was answering questions for a big anniversary episode, and someone asked about definitive Vertigo runs in reference to Scalped recently coming to an end. And the hosts started talking about how “things changed” to where we discuss these lengthy runs with Y: The Last Man and DMZ (maybe?) and I was shouting at the iPod that Sandman has to be when the discussion of long-form, personal works, for Vertigo specifically, began, with series like Preacher and Transmetropolitan and Invisibles being the heirs apparent to that.

    (sorry for that tangent)


  6. Pete, wouldn’t it be prudent to actually hear what Ed Brubaker said on the interviews, before your judge his tone and opinions 2nd hand from a listener?

    You did repeatedly say that you hadn’t heard the talks, but does that excuse you from debating the points Ed makes, without hearing it for yourself?

    This is why I do a podcast versus transcribing my interviews , so there is no ambiguity in what the interviewee says.

    I think there’s room for an informed debate about the subjects in the interview, but not actually hearing the direct points Ed says doesn’t help the validity of your own POV.

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