The Legion Project 26: Illusion

The Who is Sensor Girl? mystery comes to a deadly confrontation in Legion of Super-Heroes 26! Plus, Who’s Who entries, the Legion meets Booster Gold and more! (2:55:48)


(00:45) Preamble
(15:47) Legion of Super-Heroes #26 synopsis, general thoughts, and cover discussion
(29:41) Main discussion
(1:32:06) Thoughts on the art, other story points, reader reactions, and more
(2:03:48) Who’s Who #19 entries on Quislet and others; Super Powers III #1 featuring Tyr;
Legion appearances in Booster Gold #8 and “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow”
(2:43:15) A look at Back Issue #120 featuring Steve Lightle’s Legion Outpost proposal
(2:53:19) Wrap-up and outro




INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic




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