The Legion Project 18: Has Anyone Noticed…?

The Legion is having a Crisis (cross-over!) in Legion of Super-Heroes #18, “Has Anyone Noticed a Crisis Going On?”. Plus, Who’s Who entries, and we discuss LSH: Millennium #1! (2:29:28)

(00:43) Preamble
(10:30) Legion of Super-Heroes #18 synopsis, Tales of the LSH #343 talk, general thoughts, & the origin of the Infinite Man
(36:55) Main discussion, connecting Legion to the Crisis, and other plot lines
(1:35:21) Who’s Who #11 Legion entries: Infinite Man, Insect Queen, Invisible Kid I and II, and other Legion appearances throughout the DC universe at this time
(1:57:24) Thoughts and reactions to the first issue of LSH: Millennium by Brian Michael Bendis, Jim Lee, and company
(2:26:10) Wrap up and outro

INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic

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