The Daily Smallville 04:14 Krypto


04:14 KRYPTO


  • Hercules and Einstein – strong dogs. Hulk dogs. 
  • Almost felt like they were going to show the two guys were actually morphing into the dogs 
  • Lois once again driving and coming across an odd event. 
  • First time I realized that the “Save Me” theme song could be from Clark’s pov. “Let your warm hands break right through” to his heart.  “I made this whole world shine for you” – that’s what he’s doing for someone. So that someone can come to him. “I’m still waiting for you”. 

Act One 

  • Luke Schelhaas writer / James Marshall director
  • Einstein eating up the fridge / Lois is allergic 
  • Clark has to do chores while Lois sleeps 
  • “At least I don’t have to hide from you” or does he?
  • Didn’t they have a dog?
  • Snow at the farm – Canada weather strikes again
  • “It’s kinda hard to be myself while she’s around” surprised Chloe didn’t say anything to that / Oh wait she did 
  • Tractor pull / oh look. Chloe covering for Clark to explain the weirdness while Lois is around
  • Skippy. Clarkie
  • Trip to the vet. / Dog doesn’t like this worker
  • This is not great dialogue
  • He’s a LuthorCorp dog. Of course. 
  • They’re brothers. Probably stole the dogs
  • This episode isn’t getting better 

Act Two

  • Genevieve and Lex. All to let us know that Lex may be hunting for that manuscript page that the Countess zapped away in Spell
  • Einstein wrecks the dinner table. 
  • Clark confronts Lex about the dogs / meteor rock mixed with steroids to make super powered dogs. A step away from human trials?
  • Hercules attacks Jonathan. Einstein smashes thru the door window to help
  • This is like an Incredible Hulk episode 
  • Pa got chomped 
  • Called off by whistles 

Act Three 

  • “He’s a good dog, dad.” – Clark always able to see the good in others. That’s that unspoken super power even if it’s the dog 
  • Jason confronts his mother about what she knows about the Countess 
  • Gertrude condemned Isobel. And the Teagues are her descendents 
  • “You’re in love with the girl that may kill our entire family” – does Lana hears this 
  • Clark and Lois as an investigative couple and annoyed with each other 
  • Kryptonite. Clark down. 
  • This ep doesn’t age well. Feels super dated in the way it’s filmed/edited. Don’t work with kids and animals right?

Act Four 

  • A whole act just to rescue Clark. Also Hercules. Dispatch the brothers. And then rescue Einstein 
  • Does Clark not have super breath yet? To put out the fire?

Act Five 

  • Is that Pop Tate! Alvin Sanders as Dr. Klein!
  • powers probably wore off 
  • Clark trying to name the dog Krypto
  • “I’ll take my chances on his loyalty” Is Krypto staying around?
  • Lana has Chloe research the Teagues / Wait. Lana didn’t hear?
  • Lana “I don’t even know who I can trust anymore”
  • She comes from a town that Lana’s family comes from as well 
  • Jason and Lionel! Who gives Jason a copy of the map
  • Red towel/red cape on the dog
  • “You can name your next dog Krypto”
  • Martha had a dog named Shelby once! Which is right from the comics
  • So Clark gets a pet to give him someone he can be himself around, but we couldn’t keep Pete Ross? 
  • This ep doesn’t hold up. Dialogue is lame in a few places, the way it’s edited and shot feels dated. The dialogue also leads to very stock acting. Like this was aimed at kids or something.
  • Rating: 3? Maybe less?


Next episode: Sacred!


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