The Daily Smallville 03:13 Velocity




  • Pa Kent is alive! But we knew that
  • Clark thinks it’s because of the deal Pa made with Jor-El. The human body wasn’t meant to house all of that power and strength. 
  • Pa says Clark can’t cause cardiac arrest. Oh you think so?
  • Meteor rock drag racing! Pete causing trouble. When he should know better. 

Act One

  • Todd Slavic and Darren Swimmer / director Jeannot Szwarc
  • Pete throws having a secret back at Clark 
  • Lana confronts Adam about dying. He used to be Chad Nash. And now he’s acting weird. There goes the Batman theory
  • Is Lex behind Adam? He seems cagey. 
  • Chloe learns about Dr. Teng. She was with Lionel during the Morgan Edge/Kal episodes. And in the Byrne era comics – Bizarro! 
  • So is Adam Lionel’s attempt to mess around with Clark’s blood? 
  • Pete has power envy 
  • I mean they both are kinda right. 

Act Two

  • Pete. Just spill on Dante. Case closed. 
  • That was an awkward Clark / Lana scene 
  • This ep is kinda light considering the last ep and the cliffhanger 

Act Three

  • “blood platelets of unknown origin”
  • Pete, you’re going to get Clark to push you during a race I bet
  • This is a little bit of a first: Chloe and Clark talking about Pete and their friendship
  • Clark’s sheriff tip backfires on Pete. And he’s desperate for Clark to steal money 
  • “Of course you’re not going to kill him…”. Pete’s perception of Clark’s morality. Which is nice considering they don’t dip into the question of killing often
  • Pete trying to call in a favor here. All but throwing it in Clark’s face that Pete has held the secret for so long. 

Act Four

  • Again, Lex isn’t wrong to deny help for Clark. 
  • Oh come on Clark. This is completely irrational stealing Lex’s car. / Yup. Clark is setting up a race. He only has to Lie. Steal. Cheat. 
  • Clark is being messy here. Confronting Dante about the sabotaged engine instead of taking care of it in secret. 
  • Grease Lightning! Complete with their own version of Cha Cha 
  • Just like that Clark’s powers are back? As soon as the K depletes? 
  • That overhead shot of the car flip stunt was kinda cool
  • Yikes. The boys are in trouble now. 

Act Five

  • Lex gets Teng to work with him
  • Adam is doing a complete turn here; Why all the red lighting? oooo evil.
  • How does the Luthor mansion not have any security cameras?? Lex being surprisingly okay with what Clark did. Maybe he thinks Clark is learning something from Lex?
  • Wow. The Kents use the front door for once. 
  • Things aren’t always black and white. Sometimes you have to wander out in the gray area. / Pa talking about his deal with Jor-El. But not letting Ma hear. 
  • “You’re going to have make choices in your life – moral choices – that she and I will never have to make. When that time comes you’ll do what you think is best.” Ohhh look at that. Pa knowing he doesn’t have all the answers and that Clark is his own man.
  • So is Dante dead? Ooops. Yup. So how did Pete and Clark walk away from the consequences here?
  • “I will never disrespect your powers again”
  • Damn Clark. Are you sure this is really all on Pete? You made some clumsy mistakes too. 
  • A total bridge episode. To get us a little further in most of the storyline while the A plot finally gives Pete something to do but is a little forgettable if they don’t follow it up. Seems like Pete is only written about when he’s in trouble. The last two acts were pretty good though. 


Next episode: Obsession!


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