TDR 511: Timeline Tuesday: July 2021

Timeline Tuesday/Comic History talk with special guest John Grigas taking a look at the anniversaries for the first appearance of the Defenders and the first issues of Peter David’s Supergirl and Mark Waid’s Daredevil! (1:15:15)


(00:00) Preamble
(02:41) John Grigas intro
(06:18) 50 years ago: Defenders
(27:13) 25 years ago: Peter David’s Supergirl
(44:27) 10 years ago: Mark Waid’s Daredevil
(55:53) Other anniversaries
(1:00:13) Wrap-up
(1:11:02) Outro


John Grigas


MUSIC: The Defenders Main Title by John Paesano from the Defenders series



2 thoughts on “TDR 511: Timeline Tuesday: July 2021

  1. Great episode! Love the expanded “Timeline Tuesday.” I will always have a soft spot for the Defenders as issue 64 was the first comic book I picked up in a back issue bin during my first trip to a comic book shop. The issue was part of story called “Defender for a Day” where every new bronze aged Marvel character (like 3D man and Black Goliath) appeared in the issue. Also NightHawk has one of the coolest costumes!

    1. Kurt! Thanks for the feedback! Definitely having fun talking Comic History with others. I like Nighthawk as well, especially his Squadron Sinister/Supreme/Batman connections.

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