The Daily Smallville 03:05 Perry


03:05 PERRY


  • Comet hits sun. Solar flares. Amped powers for Clark?
  • Clark: “I think I’ll run.”
  • Perry: “Do you believe there are powers greater than we can know somewhere in the universe?” 
  • “Kans-ass-ians”. Ha. 
  • Yup. Looks like Clark overran his mark
  • Perry White meets Clark! So this is why Gotham had all of the Batman characters meet or show up or were created before there even was a Batman. Because Smallville did it first. Although I’m sure Silver Age Superboy comics probably did the same thing. 

Act One

  • writer Mark Verheiden – seems to write all the eps that are directly Superman related: X-Ray, Heat, Dichotic where Pete finds outs, etc. / director Jeannot Szwarc
  • Michael McKean as Perry White. Works for X-Styles. Haha. / McKean is married to Annette O’Toole at this point. Nepotism!
  • Lex in therapy with Dr Claire Foster. Actress Lorena Gale who will play  Elosha on BSG. / just learned that Claire Foster is a character from the Jeph Loeb Superman run 
  • Damn Perry. Dropping the Time magazine of Lana in front of her face 
  • It’s been 14 years since the meteor storm
  • Now Perry is going after Chloe; but she knows who he is. 
  • McKean wouldn’t be my first choice for Perry but he’s pretty good in terms of playing a man at rock bottom with a history 

Act Two

  • Lex really hasn’t had much to do these past three episodes. 
  • Lana comes to Lex to get Perry to stop asking questions; Lex seems to know of him; is it any wonder Lex has a need to put himself into the lives of those around him? Or that he feels he is important. Clark and Lana are always running to him. 
  • And now Perry and Lex! Perry and the Luthors have beef. Of course. 
  • Lex and Perry met when Lex was 16
  • The tractor! Ha. This is the episode where that’s from. 
  • Clark isn’t being smart this episode around Perry 

Act Three

  • more fuel for the sheriff concerning Clark
  • “And don’t call me chief.” Ha. 
  • “Having a story of the lifetime and being afraid to write it.” About Lionel. Wonder what that’s about?
  • Uh oh. Now Perry will probably point Chloe toward Clark even more. Lionel can see it. Perry as well. Come on Chloe
  • “We have always wondered about the source of your abilities.” / “All the things I can do they come from the sun”. Here we go!! Some insight into his powers. Just like the comics. And giving Clark insight into his physiology. 
  • “If you don’t let your demons out they will consume you”. Dr. Foster recommending more therapy 
  • “If you got a gift you should use it” / “Smallville’s own hero on deck”; Perry got the info from the police records. See? About time someone put all that together. 
  • Perry sounds like he’s going to do something. 
  • Haha. Clark’s extra boost of speed looked cheesy

Act Four

  • Clark ran all the way to Lake Tahoe
  • Perry wants everything Lex knows about Clark Kent. And now Perry, like Chloe, is feeding into what Lex already knows about Clark but just can’t admit to himself.
  • Lex is going off on Perry. 
  • Clark’s heat vision goes haywire 
  • Perry explaining himself to Lana
  • Saunders Gorge
  • Perry trying to get the story; this is like Lois throwing herself into the Niagara 
  • Perry sees that Clark has a hero complex
  • Perry White jumps. With a rope tied to his ankle. And his leg doesn’t come off?!?

Act Five

  • I dunno. The physics of this scene don’t make sense. 
  • Perry is struck by his own actions towards Clark, someone who is ultimately a good person. 
  • Yup. Lana showing Clark he’s important to her. In the way he used to do for her 
  • Chloe disappeared from this episode. 
  • Perry sees Clark’s inherent good. 
  • “If you ever are in metropolis look me up. I owe you one”. And thus that part of Clark’s future legacy is cemented. 
  • “Walking in Memphis”. Odd song ending choice? Unless it’s because of the song’s autobiographical tone
  • End credits: I just saw that Peterson and Souders are now Story Editors for Season Three. Let’s see how that turns out.
  • Good episode to introduce this part of Clark’s future. Even if some of the beats are the same – such as Perry’s curiosity about Clark, where those immediately around him are oblivious. A nice episode to wrap up this week that pulls on the Superman mythos and nostalgia. 


Next week: episodes 6-11!


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