The Daily Smallville 03:04 Slumber




  • Really Clark? Swimming in Crater Lake? That’s not smart
  • This is a dream
  • Clark and Lana went from being split to saying ah screw it. 
  • Saved by the screaming girl. Maybe it’s not a dream 
  • Lightning Sand! Is this like Nightmare on Elm Street?

Act One

  • writer Drew Z. Greenberg / director Terrence O’Hara
  • Wow. The Kents are awfully casual about a girl getting swallowed by the earth!
  • New truck for Clark from leftover money that Lex gave the Kents. How long will this car last?
  • This whole thing seems too good to be true. Pa coming around on Lex. The car. Lana being overly cool and understanding.
  • It’s Sarah Conroy again. Yup. They are in each other’s dreams.
  • Wow. You could say M. Night Shyamalan stole this look for the Village
  • See? Even Chloe is overly friendly towards Clark. Wall of Weird is gone. Chloe only wanting to do news with facts. Ha. Yea right. 
  • REM: “That was just a dream”. Ha. Music is giving all the clues 
  • Apparently there were several songs by REM – first of all, the acronym REM itself has connections to sleeping and dreaming. 
  • And now Lex. Clark wanting Lex to know his truth. 
  • Super speed Clark? 
  • Lex turning against Clark. Now we’re in a nightmare. 
  • The Traveler. Looking like a cross between Destiny and the Time Trapper mixed with Mumm-ra. 
  • Clark has been asleep for a day and a half
  • Ah. New neighbors have moved into Lana’s house. And one of them is a girl in a coma. 

Act Two

  • Pa referencing how weird things have been happening. 
  • Okay this seems like real time. Lana suggesting they see Sarah unlike Pa who told Clark to stay away. 
  • Creepy uncle
  • Loeb bridge 
  • Sarah’s from Granville 
  • St. Christopher. Patron saint of Travelers. Mhm I’m sure it is. 

Act Three

  • Lionel is ripped. John Glover has actor body. 
  • Lex doesn’t have all his security clearances to access LuthorCorp data. Lionel hasn’t fully welcomed Lex into the company. 
  • Lionel talking about dreams. Hmmm 
  • Apparently Sarah crashed into a river that had kryptonite 
  • Clark: “My faith in human kindness isn’t what it used to be.”
  • Lana getting in on the weird hunt
  • Sarah’s parents were rich. Greedy uncle?
  • Odd to see a sleepy Kryptonian 
  • That’s creepy – like a Dementor. Or those ghosts from Ghost.

Act Four

  • why is Clark telling this to Lex. Other than contractual obligation for the Big Three (Clark, Lex, Lana) to be in every episode?
  • Lex: “You’ve gotta learn the difference between reality and fantasy.”
  • Come on Clark. That was sloppy sleuthing. 
  • Another destroyed Kent truck!!
  • Old Lana and new Lana scene. Some of my favorites just for the connection. Coming to Martha asking about Clark. I liked Kristin’s acting here. Like it was difficult to gather her strength to even ask. 
  • Lana gets sleepy juiced! 

Act Five

  • cool design over the Lake but the effects don’t hold up
  • Why is Clark powerless in these dreams?
  • “Death will follow those who trespass here.” Makes him sound like a nightmare lord of a dream dimension, not just a creepy uncle. 
  • Now they work
  • Haha. Clark still throwing people around 
  • So how did this all work? How did the uncle manifest himself in Sarah’s dream to make himself look like the Traveler? Or is it Sarah’s doing?
  • Lex agrees to his father’s examinations. With a Dr. Claire Foster. I forget what this is leading to – if anything. 
  • “In our dreams we’re all super”
  • I imagine the uncle knows about Clark now as does Sarah. So. Many. Loose. Ends. Seriously – when he becomes Superman, most of these characters are just going to say “Oh yea, that’s that Clark guy from Smallville.”
  • Sarah giving Clark love advice 
  • Silly ending. But cute. 
  • See? This was an enjoyable, slightly KMOTW episode that still had things to do with Smallville. Surprised at how light this episode is in terms of overall connective tissue and yet was produced well. Acted well. You could ultimately skip it but there are some fun moments here and there. And it’s definitely watchable.  


Next episode: Perry!


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