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03:01 EXILE


  • 3 months later Clark is still in Metropolis. Uhm what’s he been doing? Potential for some untold stories here.
  • No one sees his face on cameras as he robs an ATM?
  • Car dealer can’t see Clark is only a teen?
  • Newspaper: “Search for Lex called off. Funeral Friday.”
  • “Kal” – his bad boy persona. Considering how antagonistic the ship was last season is it any wonder Clark named his bad side after his Kryptonian heritage?
  • a phone booth!! In 2003. 
  • Ohhh the brand is calling him home. This shot will be used for the theme song montage eventually
  • Wait. They didn’t update the opening montage for the new season?

Act One

  • Writer Alfred Gough & Miles Millar / Director Greg Beeman
  • look at that cool Metropolis establishing shot
  • Clowns robbing a bank – Dark Knight stole it! 
  • Kal the hero. Oops. Nope. He’s also robbing the bank
  • Maggie Sawyer again. So now does this incident get them to wonder how someone can shrug off bullets and explode cars?
  • Kal has been a crime spree. I doubt we’ll get consequences but that would be great.
  • Clark doesn’t want to be found. – Kinda surprised Martha is taking a wait and see stance here. She’s comfortable letting a powerful alien just run around a big city?
  • Ouch. Things are still icy between Chloe and Lana about Clark’s disappearance. 
  • So they should be in 11th grade now yes?
  • Morgan Edge! Rutger Hauer! Crime boss of Metropolis. 
  • The caaaaves. Chloe and Lionel. 
  • The caves changed when Clark blew up the ship. The key hole has gone
  • Lex is alive! 

Act Two

  • Lex is doing Arrow. Lian Yu island. A “Yao Fei”. All of it. 
  • Who is Louis? Hm. He’s not real is he?
  • Louis: “Your life has been stripped down to its barest essence.” 
  • Lana sees Clark at the funeral And then Helen shows up!! Whoa. 
  • Clark’s apartment – pretty sure I saw that building on BSG
  • Chloe knows where Clark is. So she was lying to Lana. 
  • How are they losing the farm again?!
  • This is quite the argument between Clark/Kal and Chloe. How do these two come back from this?
  • Taking off the ring soothes the burning scar. Why?

Act Three

  • What’s going on between Lionel and Helen?
  • Clark at the barn. Without the ring?
  • Chloe: “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.” That’s the theme song!
  • Oh damn. Chloe tells Lana about knowing where Clark is. 
  • Now Lana is in Metropolis. They make the Metropolis scenes look cold or clinical. Cool colors vs warm colors for Smallville 

Act Four

  • Lex still has the compass he got as a wedding gift from the Kents. 
  • “You killed your father” / “It was inevitable. Only one of us could survive.” – little bit of foreshadowing here. 
  • “Well, there’s a psychopath in all of us– I just let mine out.” Lex’s destiny 
  • Lana hears the name Kal
  • No mention of the baby at all yet
  • Wait. Pa has the disc??
  • Yup. Louis was in Lex’s head. 

Act Five

  • Jonathan in the caves. “What kind of a race are you people?” Seriously. 
  • Oh damn!!! Jonathan and Jor-El!!! / Now it makes sense why Martha stopped him earlier. So they could do this scene later in the episode where Pa would do just about anything to end this situation. He was tired of waiting and he just wants a resolution.
  • Jor-El: “This was Kal-El’s first test. This phase is almost complete.” What phase? / Jor-El states that Clark returning to Smallville would be inconsequential.
  • Jonathan is willing to sacrifice anything for Clark. Uh oh. This deal won’t end well.
  • Awesome effects here
  • Edge wants Kal to break into Lionel’s office. He’s no stranger to the LuthorCorp building. 
  • What did Clark get from the office?
  • Yup! Pa has powers! Totally forgot this. 
  • To be continued. 
  • hmmm. Not a bad season opener but it’s not hitting me like the first two season openers. It’s good, I like some of the moments but I’m not totally engaged. Probably because there’s a second part next episode. Maybe because this mostly played out in Metropolis and it’s not really Clark and there are so many upended situations. Pa having Clark’s powers could be interesting though if they follow through on it. Pa getting a small taste of what it’s like to be Clark. 


Next episode: Phoenix! 


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