TDR 502: Timeline Tuesday: June 2021

It’s a new Timeline Tuesday with special guests Chris Partin and Ed Moore taking a look at the anniversaries for Kingdom Come, Swamp Thing and Marvel’s Onslaught event! (1:27:50)


(00:24) Preamble
(04:26) Chris Partin and Ed Moore intro
(07:52) Kingdom Come
(35:18) Swamp Thing
(50:21) Onslaught
(1:12:06) Wrap-up and Outro


Chris Partin

Ed Moore

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Excerpt from the Kingdom Come Audio Book, Time Warner, 1998
Swamp Thing cartoon theme song, 1990


2 thoughts on “TDR 502: Timeline Tuesday: June 2021

  1. Great conversation and format, Peter! Of the three, Kingdom Come was the one I read and obsessed over. I bought the issues, a trade, and an Absolute edition. Plus, I was at San Diego Comic-Con the year the series came out, and seeing those giant Alex Ross drawn characters on the show flow, along with the bombastic music that played over and over, made for quite the exposure (introduction?) to the series.

    1. Thanks Eric! I liked how KC “reset’, in a way, the idealogical differences between Superman and Batman – but then brought them back together, more or less, at the end. Setting the stage for their relationship in the mainstream DCU post-KC. Ten years of the Dark Knight Returns stand-off between the two morphed into something else. Agreed – the excitement for the book was strong back then.

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