The Daily Smallville 02:23 Exodus


02:23 EXODUS


  • Picking up right where we left off last episode
  • The ship/Jor-El: “I am his memory. His will.” / “They now live through you.” – very familiar Superman elements
  • “Time to accept your destiny.” Why now? He’s not even fully powered up yet.
  • The appearance of Lana and the Kents. Just like a DS9/Prophets scene
  • Thanos dust
  • “I will guide you to your future.” / Clark: “I want to create my own future”. Echoed ever since Rosetta.

Act One

  • writer Gough & Millar / director Greg Beeman
  • At this point the John Williams music is everywhere
  • The Farm’s out of debt?
  • “This is my home. It’s where I belong and I’m not going anywhere.” It does make you wonder why Smallville creators wanted this tug of war to be confrontational. After this initial meeting and thinking about later eps – I wouldn’t want to be Kryptonian either. In a way this speaks to my whole thing about the two fathers being flawed. Clark learns from them but also because of them. Or in reaction to them.
  • Lex still has Clark’s blood but eventually tells Helen about it.
  • “I’m trying to break the cycle.” Lex also trying to go up against his destiny.
  • Nooo Clark. Don’t tell Chloe about you and Lana alone. Dumb move!

Act Two

  • Lex talking about his Luthor destiny to Clark. Thought maybe it would hit Clark considering his own path this episode but it doesn’t play out that strongly.
  • Clark and Lionel in the caves. These are the best scenes now.
  • A Kryptonite key. Uh oh. This is like the scene in Superman Returns when Luthor sees Superman’s son react to Kryptonite.
  • I wish that sunset was real. Father and Son moment.
  • See what I mean?? Violent!
  • Flayed Kryptonian S on his chest. Branded. Like Superboy Prime.

Act Three

  • And there’s the depowered necklace again! It keeps popping back up!
  • wait. Lex still hasn’t canceled the wedding??
  • Clark acting like he’ll never see the Kents again.
  • Oh damn the wedding back on??
  • Nice call back to Visage. And my questions about the ship reacting to Kryptonite. Nice to see some answers!
  • Pete vs Lionel. Distraction for Clark to get the disc.
  • Damn! Lionel was going to strike Pete.
  • I like that Pete is the one to finally get one over on Lionel considering what Lionel did to the Rosses.
  • Look at Pa and Lex being nice.
  • Tell Lana, Clark!!! This would be the best time.
  • Don’t ruin that makeup with all the smooching.
  • He still hasn’t told Chloe.

Act Four

  • Once the Kents leave the wedding for Clark you would think Lana would go with.
  • Bahaha. Of course Chloe shows up.
  • See? She doesn’t warn Clark about Lionel’s task for her. Some friend.
  • Chloe: “You’ve always been in love with Lana.” That’s right! So why are you hoping otherwise???
  • The lid of the box the Key is in is in the shape of two opposing Ls
  • Now the ship is toast. Implosion and then boom. Cool effect. This is like something out of Lost.
  • Pa was driving way too fast for this intersection.
  • They survive this crash?!?! Clearly Martha’s child won’t.
  • Ha. Clark’s face when he sees the wrecked storm cellar. He’s in trooouuble!
  • Mr and Mrs Luthor.
  • Pa: “Your actions have consequences Clark.”
  • Dr. Harden back.
  • “And how is our baby.” Emphasis on our.
  • Ooooo. Closing the door on Clark. Does Pa tell Ma how this happened? Damn. How do the Kents weigh this sacrifice against Clark’s larger journey?

Act Five

  • “if you knew the truth you’d never talk to me again” Slight call back to when Clark asked Lana how she would feel about aliens in Visitor.
  • Chloe is playing Lionel here. She’s getting inside.
  • Lionel’s gift to Helen. Wonder what it is?
  • Clark. Use your xray vision. Come on.
  • This is stupid. Running away is one thing. But the R meteorite ring? It’s almost like a drug thing.
  • “I love you Clark.” Boom!
  • This is like some rebel movie thing.
  • Is it because having the ring on makes leaving easier? What an odd choice from where we’ve come from.
  • Uh oh. This is Lost! Ha. You have to go back Lex!
  • “You will obey me Kal-El” Where is Jor-El speaking from?
  • Clark on his way to Metropolis.
  • This was a great episode but the ending doesn’t work for me. I get Clark’s behavior – he makes mistakes – but this just seems irrational even given his heightened state. Plus – I didn’t like the Red episode. So bringing it back for this reason isn’t helping.
  • Even in my notes from my first rewatch years ago I described this ending as “weak”
  • Exodus: both Clark and Lex leaving Smallville one way or another.


Next week: Season 3 begins!


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